North Lake Trail, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
North Lake Trail, Palm Beach
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It's blissful to walk along the North Lake Trail! There are plenty of tall hedges and palm trees, but not thick shade. Morningtime is when you would get the most shade but on a winter afternoon this walk is fantastic too. You will pass each gorgeous hotel and mansion yard with tropical trees, flowers, ornate gates, sculptures and fences. On the other side of you is the blue intracoastal glistening in the sun. There are docks and lots of landscaping at their entrances. There is nothing lovelier than all these sights!

The path is wide and goes for three miles from the Flagler Memorial Bridge in the south to the end of the path near the top of Palm Beach island.
After your walk, get some refreshments at Via Flagler shops on Royal Poinciana Way. It is across Bradley Park, a short walk to the east from southern end of the trail. Kids will enjoy going to Sprinkles Ice Cream.
You can continue the walk, run, or bike ride to the south by taking Cocoanut Row south (this is a busy street but not too bad), then Whitehall Way to the west. This is a half mile stretch without any trail but on a sidewalk along the road. Then you will come to Flagler Museum, and the northern end of the South Lake Trail, which lasts for 0.7 miles, ending at Society of the Four Arts.
The lake trail was the main way to get around the island in the early 1900s. Palm Beach residents and visitors caught rides on chariots, three-wheeled wicker rickshaws, along the trail. 
You can rent a bike at Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop, in the south parking lot of the Royal Poinciana Plaza, then ride under the bridge to the beginning of the North Lake Trail.
After checking out the North Lake Trail, you can continue your walk by heading toward the ocean and walking along S. Ocean Blvd. There is a sidewalk along the beach, with a cute wavey wall, for half a mile. At this point the sidewalk ends and it is too dangerous to run or walk along the narrow road where drivers are checking out the ocean view.
You can also walk along the shady sidewalks on the beautiful side streets on the island. There are no sidewalks on the far north or south end of the island, but there are sidewalks on the side streets from Wells Rd in the north to Gulfstream Rd in the south. The side streets off S. Ocean Blvd have coconut trees galore (Brazilian Ave, Chilean Ave). Also check out the incredible architecture of the little Spanish alleys on ritzy Worth Ave, another side street off S. Ocean Blvd that is a shopping area. At the end of each of these side streets is S. Lake Dr, where you will see Banyan trees like in Hawaii.
Where the N. Lake Trail ends in the south at Bradley Park, you can continue under the Flagler Memorial Bridge (there is a great view from underneath the bridge). On the other side of the bridge, check out Royal Poinciana Plaza, a high end place with stark architecture but a pretty courtyard and some fancy cafes such as Sant Ambroeus Cafe. 
A shady way to head back to your car if you've walked up the North Lake Trail and want to walk a different way back is the Banyan Tree Walk.
If you bike the N. Lake Trail all the way to the end in the north, make sure you check out Annie's Dock and its crystal clear water.

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Flower beds around trees at the Biltmore, at Bradley Place, the street that runs parallel to North Lake Trail.

Square trees outside the Biltmore condos, on Bradley Place.

The Biltmore condos, an iconic yellow building in Palm Beach.

Tropical vegetation along the North Trail.

Pretty house and thin palms.

The amazing intracoastal along the trail.

Stepping stones and warped tree.

Huge tree branches leaning on a wall.

Walking along the blissful path.

Twisty trees.

Tree arching over, and path.

Stepping stones and water views.

Bougainvillea is common along the trail.

Cute little buildings along the path, and a bike rider.

Bougainvillea around an arch.

Fat palm along the path.

Purple bougainvillea and sunlit fan palms.

I love the purple bougainvillea!

Purple bougainvillea around a palm.

Pink bougainvillea, palmetto, and banana trees.

So many different plants along the path!

Sweet views from the path.

Wispy grasses and white bougainvillea along the path. Such great landscaping!

Intracoastal views and beautiful landscaping.

Red hibiscus trees.

White hibiscus flower with red center.

White hibiscus and red hibiscus beside a dock gate.

Coconut trees and hibiscus plants.

Glossy hedge and coconut trees.

Gazebo on the south end of the trail, by Sunset Park and the Flagler Memorial Bridge.

The beginning of the trail, on the south end near Sunset Park.

Gazebo at the beginning of the path, near Sunset Park.

Cute view from the gazebo in Sunset Park, on the south end of the trail.

Gazebo near Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Biltmore condos and palms.

The back of the Biltmore condos are along the path.

Shady spot along the southern end of the path.

Purple bougainvillea, bright hedge, and palms galore.

Purple bougainvillea and pale salmon-pink impatiens.

Purple bougainvillea along the path.

Dappled sunlight on the path.

Indonesian-style building along the way.

Indonesian-style building reaching up to the sky.

Bike riding along the path.

Fuchsia-colored bougainvillea and people walking along the path.

Purple bougainvillea with a dock and the blue water behind.

Purple bougainvillea creeping up a palm tree.

Purple bougainvillea along the water.

Coconut tree, highrises, and fuchsia-colored bougainvillea.

Gorgeous views along the trail!

Yellow hibiscus.

Pink and orange hibiscus where the trail meets Wells Rd.

Wells Rd is a lined with pine trees- a shady option if you need to get back to N. County Rd.

Wells Rd is a lovely road to take to get back to N. County Rd.

Witch's Wall, a coral cut segment of road at 300 Country Club Rd, a side street with no sidewalk off the North Lake Trail.

North Lake Trail has happy views of boats, blue water, and blue sky, where it meets Country Club Rd.


You can park at Bradley Park just north of Flagler Memorial Bridge, on Sunset Ave, for free for two hours. You can also park on the side streets nearby. Check the signs because the parking authority people go around all day and they are ruthless.


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