Pondhawk Nature Trail, Boca Raton

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Palm Beach, FL
Pondhawk Nature Trail, Boca Raton
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Pondhawk Nature Trail is one of the few places to walk in Boca Raton. It has a wide variety of vegetation which makes it very interesting. You start by the library at the lake, with cypress trees and a grassy bank. Check out the snowy egrets and other birds. Then you head over a metal bridge, along a sunny cement path past wildflowers in a white sandy soil and palmetto plants. You go briefly through an oak hammock with some shade. Then you walk through typical Florida flatwood pine forest, with palmettos, and ferns. Next you're in a scrubby area with tall grasses and a gazebo. You can see the new modern townhouses. Moderne Boca, in the distance. Then you're back at the lake, passing yellow townhouses, birds, coconut trees, and pine trees. It's a pleasant walk that you share with many people. Kids will enjoy running in the strange boxy partitions at the Italianate back patio of the Spanish River Library when you get to the end of your walk.

The walk is a 1.5 mile double loop. The first loop is in the forest and the second loop is around the lake. Extend the walk by a mile by crossing NW 40th Street and walking around the lake at the Spanish River Athletic Park, on the wide bike path.
It's also nice to walk around Lynn University nearby.
After, grab a bite to eat at the cafes near Fresh Market, an 8 minute drive north. This is a groovy area with lots of students.

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Chatting by the lake.

The bridge over the lake.

Winter tree by the lake.

Bridge to the trail.

Weekend morning on the trail.

The lake is lovely.

Shady spot on the trail, by palmetto plants.

Very shady spot under arching trees.

Pine forest along the path.

Golden grasses, white sand, and gazebo.

Lookout gazebo in a sea of grasses.

Yellow flowers and silvery plants along the shadeless path.

Getting some exercise on the path.

The path winds around the lake.

The path goes around the lake and in front of townhouses.

Bench on the lake.

Bird on a branch sticking out of the lake.

The Spanish River Library has a cool area on the back patio where kids can run around between the boxy wall partitions.


Pondhawk Natural Area is located at 1501 Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431. There is plenty of free parking. The Spanish River Library is also here.


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