Red Reef Beach Park, Boca Raton

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Palm Beach, FL
Red Reef Beach Park, Boca Raton
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Red Reef Beach Park is a beautiful narrow beach with an adorable green-roofed lifeguard shack tucked up against the dunes. There are plenty of families playing in the sand or taking walks. The park leading to the sand has an abundance of coconut trees and banyan trees, with picnic tables and walking paths. It's lovely to hang out on the beach enjoying the gorgeous soft breeze and the inviting blue-green water. 

You can take a shady walking path under the seagrape trees for a mile to South Beach from here. 
This beach park really shocks you with its price to enter! Boca Raton residents have a pass so they don't pay the high fee. Avoid the fee by parking across the street in the golf course's public parking lot, which has pay stations and is available for beachgoers. Come early to find a spot.
From this beach park you can walk to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, a great place to see fish in tanks under an impressive wooden gazebo. This center also has a nature trail with a wooden tower but I don't recommend it unless it's a very cold day because there are many mosquitoes.

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Banyan tree.

Walking path in the park beside the beach.

Picnic tables among trees.

View of the ocean across the seagrape plants.

A boy plays in the sand by the gorgeous water.

Lifeguard shack, coconut tree, and kids playing on the beach.

Afternoon light catching the white foamy waves.

Choppy water on a November day.

A boy plays in the water near the shore.

A couple walks along the shore.

Shady winding path that leads south to South Beach.

From the path you can look at the ocean through seagrape trees, sometimes.

Red Reef Park beach access, from the walking path.

View of the ocean and sunlit seagrape leaves.

The stairs down to the sand at a Red Reef Beach access on the walking path.

Silvery palmetto plants.

Bench along the walking path.

The walking path from Red Reef Beach to South Beach.


Red Reef Beach Park is located at 1400 N. Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton FL 33432. Parking costs $20 but instead, you can park across the street at the golf course for a few dollars.


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