Snook Islands Boardwalk, Lake Worth

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Palm Beach, FL
Snook Islands Boardwalk, Lake Worth
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Snook Islands is a small boardwalk on the intracoastal in Lake Worth, where you can see little islands. There is no parking there (see parking directions below). From the boardwalk you can see views of the bridge, and watch it raise up for boats. At the end of the jetty is a gazebo where you can watch the sparkling water from a shady vantage point. 
After, eat at Mulligan's, with amazing ocean views. I'd skip Beach Club Lake Worth (on the golf course nearby), which didn't have a good atmosphere.

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Looking back from the boardwalk.

The gazebo and little mangroves.

Mangrove island.

Pelicans perched up high.

Artwork in the median near Snook Islands Boardwalk.


The parking lot at Snook Islands is for launching kayaks only- no parking of cars. Instead you must park on a one-way street by going around the block. Use the address 105 N. Golfview Rd, Lake Worth for your GPS. There are a few diagonal parking spaces labeled "Parking for Snook Islands Only."


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