South Beach Pavilion and shaded walk, Boca Raton

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Palm Beach, FL
South Beach Pavilion and shaded walk, Boca Raton
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At the end of happening E. Palmetto Park Rd is a roundabout with one-hour parking and a raised pavilion above the beach. It's nice to park and then stand in the shade of the pavilion and watch the happy goings-on at the beach. Feel the breeze and enjoy the sight of the blue-green water. You can walk north for a mile on a shady path between the various beach parking lots and the sand. You pass many beach boardwalk entrances. Gorgeous seagrape trees and banyan trees arch over you. You end up at Red Reef Beach Park.

It's wonderful to get a mango milk tea with tropical popping boba at Black Pearl Boba Tea 2, and then walk two minutes to the beach while you sip your tea! Bliss! I want to do this again asap! In the afternoon the walk to the beach is shady. Other stores in that same shopping plaza on East Palmetto Park Road are Sprinkles Ice Cream and Playa Bowls, an acai bowl place. 
Another nice spot, over the bridge on the mainland, is Silver Palm Park, a small park with benches on the intracoastal waterway.

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Rock at the entrance.

Happy people at the pavilion.

Having a chat at the pavilion.

Highrises and lifeguard shack in the distance, as seen from the pavilion.

Row of beach chairs.

People enjoying the beach on a December day.

Beach umbrellas.

Kids playing at the shore.

The beginning of the path.

Shower station near a beach opening.

An opening to the sand.

A path to the beach.

Gorgeous view of South Beach.

Adorable lifeguard stand and silvery plants at South Beach.

Waves at the shore.

Two men walk along the shore as a lady swims.

Lovely colors of the plants at the beach access.

Heading back to the path from one of the beach accesses.

Sometimes the path is just along the parking lot.

Shady path and palmetto plants.

Cactus and palmetto plants. Lots of shade too!

Palmetto is so beautiful.

Red leaves.

The shady path continues.

Another beach access for South Beach.

Amazing water and succulent plants.

Banyan tree! What a beauty!

The shaded path.

Winding path going downhill.

Looking at the water through the seagrape trees- one of life's delights!

And you get to Red Reef Park at the end.

View of the ocean at Red Reef Park beach access.

Fancy buildings of downtown that you see when you arrive back at the pavilion.

Looking down the beach from the pavilion.

Summertime weekend at the beach. I love the lifeguard shack!

Swimmers enjoying a summer day.

Having fun in the water.

Jungly walk.

The path through shady jungle.

The path is a pleasant walk through shady jungle.

Shady path along Ocean Blvd.

The walk from the cafes to the beach is shady in the afternoon.

Black Pearl Boba Tea is close to the beach, and so cool!

Black Pearl Boba Tea and a palm tree!

The cafes near the beach.

College students at the beach.


South Beach Pavilion is located at 400 s. A1A, Boca Raton FL 33432. There is one-hour parking for around $3. Pay at the machines.


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