South Lake Trail, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
South Lake Trail, Palm Beach
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The South Lake Trail in Palm Beach is a bike and walking path that follows the intercoastal waterway in front of mansions and past glorious trees. It is a joy to walk here taking in the views of the calm, idyllic waters framed by lush tree branches. The fancy high-rises and yachts of West Palm Beach across the water add to the glitz, as does the lovely arched bridge across the water. Coconut trees galore sway overhead. Shady side streets lead out into the wealthy neighborhood.

The trail starts on the south end at Society of the Four Arts. Make sure you take the time to cross the plaza full of carriages and enter the gardens to the right of the library entrance. These gardens are a tropical wonder with delightful scents of flowers filling the air!
You can walk or bike the trail for miles. After Flagler Museum, you must follow the road for little while but then you can join up with the trail again. Watch out for the occasional segway tour with tourists running into bushes and possibly into you! Also, wear a hat and sunscreen because some of the path is shaded and some of it is not.
Stop and sit on the benches near Flagler Museum/Mansion enjoying the tiny white sand beach and watching lizards scoot by. There is an amazing Kapok tree here with roots almost as tall as you are! You can't sit under the tree because it has been fenced off.
Come at sunset and enjoy the colors over the water.
The trail lasts for 0.7 miles. You can continue it on the gorgeous North Lake Trail, after spending half a mile on sidewalks along Whitehall Way and Cocoanut Row. The North Lake Trail goes for three miles!
You can also walk along the shady sidewalks on the beautiful side streets on the island. There are no sidewalks on the far north or south end of the island, but there are sidewalks on the side streets from Wells Rd in the north to Gulfstream Rd in the south.

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The Kapok tree.

Shade and calm waters.

West Palm Beach, across the wide expanse of water.

Blissful coconut trees galore!

The amazing roots of the Kapok tree!

Bench with a view.

The lush landscaping along the path.

Watch the bridge raise up from the path!

Kapok tree and wooden bench.

Dock on the intracoastal waterway.

Row of palms between the Society of the Four Arts and the trail.

Heart fence at the southern end of the lake trail.

Gorgeous view of the bridge at the southern end of the walk.

Statues at the Society of the Four Arts where it meets the lake trail.

A spot to take in the views of the West Palm Beach skyline.

The pretty Lake Trail.

An elderly couple going for a bike ride.

Mansion along the trail.

White dock.

Peaceful waters...


Flagler Mansion in the distance.

Segway tour.

Gecko on a palm trunk.

Check out the gorgeous relief above the doorway of the Esther B. O'Keeffe Building where the South Lake Trail ends in the south.

The Esther B. O'Keeffe Building, at the parking lot where the trail ends in the south.

View of the cutest building ever in the West Palm Beach skyline, where the trail ends in the south.

Sculpture where the trail ends in the south.

Adorable beach at the southern end of the trail.

I love these buildings along the West Palm Beach waterfront, as seen from the trail.

Sign marking the trail.

I love this tree along the south end of the trail.

I love this white building with its three towers.

Pink building, and building with blue roof.

Yellow flowering tree reflected in the water by Flagler Mansion, in March.

Dragonfly and serene intracoastal waters.

Kapok tree!

Flagler Mansion!

Looking toward the entrance road that leads to Flagler Mansion.

Sea Gull Cottage, Palm Beach's oldest house, constructed in 1886. It now stands across from Flagler Mansion.

Pelican at The Breakers golf course.

Royal Poinciana Chapel, which you can see if you walk out the Flagler Mansion driveway and turn right.

Flagler Mansion as seen from the road.

Flagler Mansion entrance gate.

Sea Gull Cottage.

Royal Poinciana Chapel, as seen from in front of the roots of the Kapok tree.

The beautiful intracoastal, next to Flagler Mansion.

Kapok tree roots.

Coconut trees near Flagler Mansion.

Flagler Mansion, as seen from the trail. What a view!

A dock along the trail.

Bougainvillea in three shades.

Tiled seat and shell sculpture, along the trail.

Look across the intracoastal at the highrises of West Palm Beach.

Wonderful tree on the south end of the trail.

The south end of the trail.

Walk the side streets to see beautiful houses like this one covered in purple bougainvillea.

Beautiful vegetation along the South Lake Trail.

Flagler mansion's railway car pavilion, yellow flowering tree, and Monet-style water.

The beautiful South Lake Trail.

Grapes on a sea grape tree.

Looking up at the kapok tree.

Flowering palms.

Pyramid sculpture lit up in the sun.

Banyan tree in its glory.

Banyan trees along the trail.

Tropical plants along a wall.

Coconut trees, palmetto, and docks.

Sea Gull Cottage.

The kapok tree along the trail.

Flagler Mansion gate, decorated at Christmastime.

The trees outside Flagler Mansion, which are along the trail.

View of Flagler Mansion from the trail.

The path leads along the Flagler Mansion gate.

Tropical flower, purple.

Amazing tree on the grounds of Flagler Mansion.

Rainbow over one of my favorite buildings in West Palm.

It's lovely to walk the trail at night.

The bridge and perfect buildings at night.

I love the sight of the buildings lit up at night!

A wonderful tree.

Wintery tree by the water.

The roots of the Kapok tree.

Colors that make you happy.

My favorite building, across the intracoastal.

Shade and slanted coconut trees!

Royal palms.

A dock and skyline of West Palm Beach in the distance.

I love this tree!


Exit Highway 95 at Okeechobee Blvd and follow it toward the ocean. You will cross two bridges and then turn left on Cocoanut Row. You can park along the road here for free and then walk toward the intercoastal waterway through the Society of the Four Arts or any of the side streets such as Antigua Ln to the trail.
Society of the Four Arts, 2 4 Arts Plaza  Palm Beach, FL 33480, call (561) 655-7227. Gardens open Mon-Sun 10-5.


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Thu, 26 Apr 2018

Biked this trail multiple times and it never grows old. Beautiful landscape to the east and water with views of WPB to the west.

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Anna smoley

Fri, 13 Apr 2018

Beautiful beautiful view,but the people mostly are nose up..

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