Summa Beach Intracoastal Park, West Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Summa Beach Intracoastal Park, West Palm Beach
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Note: Watch out for fire ants that crawl onto your picnic blanket! They bite!

Summa Beach Park is a fairly long stretch of fine white sand on the intracoastal in West Palm Beach. It is in the southern neighborhood along Flagler Drive. There is a stretch of grass above the beach, with a bench, and some lovely trees. In the south corner, people like to go fishing under the trees, and a snowy egret hangs out here. The fine white sand, ancient sand from the Appalachian mountains, is wonderful here. It glistens like sugar in the sun. Have fun drawing shapes in it. It's great to bring a picnic blanket and sit in the shade listening to the lapping waves when boats go by. Airplanes don't fly overhead here so it's quieter than the northern areas of Flagler Drive around George S. Petty Park. There are lots of branches and other goodies for kids to play with at this beach. Beware the ants that might crawl onto your picnic blanket- a few, not too many.
Take a long stroll for many miles up Flagler Drive.

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Summa Beach Park is on Flagler Drive, on the intracoastal.

The cute vegetation near the park.

You walk past bamboo to get to the park.

The grassy area above the white sand.

A man relaxes on the white sand.

Boys play on the beach.

A snowy egret checks out the water.

The quartz sand glistens in the sun like sugar. Rivers carried it down from the Appalachian mountains in ancient times.

The white sand and palms.

A snowy egret looking regal at the far end of the beach.

Royal palms and the sun.

Boys play on the grass.

Cute plants and bamboo.

The sidewalk along Flagler Drive.


Summa Beach Park is located at 7594 S. Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach. Park you car along the street on Seville Rd.


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