Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach
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The Breakers Hotel is a historic hotel built by Henry Flagler, oil magnate and railroad tycoon, at the turn of the century. After it burned down twice, its current building was created, in 1926, modeled after the Villa Medici in Rome. Seventy-five artists were brought from Italy to paint the ceilings in its spectacular lobby! It was created by Schultze and Weaver, the firm that designed Grand Central Station in New York. 

A long entrance road lined with stately palms and beds of flowers greets you as you drive up. The hotel stands regal before you, with its two turrets stretching up to the blue Palm Beach sky. The only way to visit if you're not a guest is to have your car valet parked, then get your ticket validated by spending $25 at the hotel. There are some cute restaurants to choose from, an Italian restaurant with a front patio among the lushest tropical trees, and of course, the oceanfront restaurant with turquoise blue sun umbrellas and the sea crashing below. But the most relaxing way to spend some time at The Breakers is to buy a coffee and some delicious treats at News and Gourmet and then enjoy them at the tables or lounge chairs in the Palm Courtyard in front of the huge lawn bordered with wispy flowers. This is the life! Come dressed well because this is high society!
News and Gourmet also has salads, sandwiches, beer, and wine, and some great gifts and books. The nine boutique shops are full of interesting items for high-end shoppers.
After, walk around the grounds. There is an inner courtyard with classic sculptures. And on the south side of the hotel is a walkway through a paradise of lush vegetation and flowers. Here is a playground for kids in the loveliest setting, with a space net! There is a basketball court and beside it a little cage with red-footed tortoises.
At the ocean side is a short brick promenade where lights shine out onto the sea. This is very romantic at night. The ocean side of the hotel is quite barren. You can walk onto the beach, which has pale sand, bright blue-green water, and clusters of boulders at the shoreline.
For beautiful gardens to stroll around in Palm Beach, check out Society of the Four Arts.

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Classic architecture in the courtyard at The Breakers.

The ceiling in the main lobby.

The beach at The Breakers.

Looking north from the ocean promenade.

Anthurium flower in the magical walkway on the south side of the hotel.

Driving up to the hotel.

Looking up at a turret from the inner courtyard.

The Palm Courtyard and its paradise of palms.

The big lawn next to the Palm Courtyard.

Lawn and stepping stones next to the Palm Courtyard.

The Palm Courtyard, flowers, and lawn.

The lovely symmetry at the entrance.

Lion fountain in the Palm Courtyard.

Palm Courtyard and orange chairs.

Lush walkway on the south side of the hotel.

Anthuriums and palms.

The playground and space net.

Coconut tree and a storm rolling in.

Oceanfront promenade.

The beach!

Breakers Hotel, as seen from the beach.


The Breakers Hotel is located at 1 S. County Rd, Palm Beach FL 33480, call 1(888) 273-2537 for reservations. 
Call (561) 653-6370 for the News and Gourmet Shop, which is open 6:30am-9pm.
Valet parking is $25 which you can get validated by spending $25 at the hotel.


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