The Square, West Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
The Square, West Palm Beach
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The Square, also known as Rosemary Square or CityPlace, is an outdoor shopping and entertainment district in West Palm Beach. Its sumptuous architecture and extravagance stands out amongst the poor suburbs of West Palm Beach. Colors and delicious European architecture surround you as you walk the pedestrian-only promenade and arcades. A gorgeous Spanish clock tower rises high above it all. The Himmel Theater and clocktower at its center were built in 1926. You can hardly tell because it has been so perfectly restored. As you walk past the sidewalk cafes, enjoy the archways, palms, tropical flowers, and fountains.

There is an incredible fountain where kids can play. If you time it right, you can run into the middle of it and never get wet (except for a few sprinkles- the water does smell a little iffy, so just a warning). Then you can stand and watch the water spray up on all sides of you! Kids LOVE this! 
Walk to the second floor- you can take the stairs inside Urban Outfitters to get there- and you can enjoy amazing views over the plaza. What colors! This is paradise!
True Food Kitchen has plenty of gorgeous outdoor seating near the fountain. The indoor seating is modern and beautiful. We got upset stomachs though.
Half a block east of Rosemary Ave, check out Fern Street Wine Bar, at night. It is lit up beautifully, and the walls are covered in cool murals! At happy hour (5-7pm) you can get a farm board (cheese and proscuitto) for $10 and half off a glass of wine. 
At night, litup palms add to the ambience, as does a fake banyan tree that is lit with the loveliest colors. The movie theater, AMC, stands at the top of an impressive flight of European-inspired stairs.
There is live music Friday 6-10pm, Saturday 1-4pm and 6-10pm, and Sunday 1-4pm. The Sunday Market is Sunday 10-7.
In October, check out the Diwali Festival, featuring tabla, violin, and sitar players, and the FAU Aatish Dance Team. 
From mid-Nov to the end of Dec, there is snow that falls on the plaza. This is actually not ice as you'd expect but some kind of bubbly chemical foam that smells like laundry starch- kind of gross getting it in your nose, eyes (contact lenses), hair, and on your skin, and on your food and drinks if you're eating at a restaurant. The snow falls Mon-Wed 6pm and 7pm, and Thurs-Sun 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm.
Nearby, check out Clematis Street, with its French cafe, photography museum, and happening sidewalk cafes. There is a trolley that takes you from The Square to Clematis Street, or its an easy walk of a few blocks. 
While in Palm Beach, don't miss out on Flagler Mansion and Museum, which sits in a magical spot on the intracoastal waterway. My daughter still talks about the railcar pavilion there.

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The Square at Christmas time.

The Harriet Himmel Theater.

The movie and IMAX theater at The Square.

Blue Martini bar.

Palm trees and flowers.

Sumptuous historical architecture- a nice place to hang out.

I love this architecture and these colors!

Walking past the stores.

The buildings are beautiful at The Square.

Fountain at The Square.

"Snow" at The Square!

Nighttime is wonderful at The Square.

Le Macaron.

Il Bellagio Italian restaurant.

The architecture at The Square.

Little balconies and archways.

BurgerFi, a good place to eat.

Girls riding their bikes through The Square.

Cute pink building on Rosemary Ave.

Nice architecture.

Giant chess board.

The Square looks very European.

Seating outdoors at The Square.

Himmel Theater lit up at night.

Awesome banyan tree at night.

The banyan tree changes color.

You can stand in the middle of the fountain and not get wet!

The lush landscaping.

Looking at the magical banyan tree.

The magical banyan tree up close.

The square with people gathered around the fountain.

Looking up the grand stairs at AMC theater.

Pura Vida has lots of atmosphere.

Christmas at The Square.

Caribbean house in Rosemary Ave, a few blocks north of The Square.

Parkline Apartments, a block from The Square.

Pura Vida cafe.

Bright architecture on Rosemary Ave.

Mural outside The Cheesecake Factory.

Seating outside Starbucks.

H&M storefront.

The clocktower and splash pad fountain.

Cafe in the main square.

Outdoor seating at a cafe in the main square, plus lovely palms that catch the light.

The clocktower, as seen from high up on the balcony at City Cellar.

Bougainvillea along Hibiscus Street.

Shade umbrellas over seating outside Le Macaron.

Seating for anyone, at The Square.

City Cellar has a nice upstairs view of The Square.

Shaded seating near the splash fountain.

I love this tree, in the main plaza.

View from the upstairs, near City Cellar.

Cool purple lighting, outside at Fern Street Wine Bar and Kitchen.

Outdoor tables at Fern Street Wine Bar and Kitchen.

A colorful bull mural, inside Fern Street Wine Bar and Kitchen.

Flower print on a wall.

Trolley and cute buildings.

Driving to The Square, you pass rows of palms on Okeechobee Blvd.

Umbrella with fringe.

Leafy trees and people chatting.

Pumpkin patch for photo ops, in October.

Kids running on the lawn.

The fountain in the middle of the square.

Kids can run inside the fountain.

People gather for a cultural event on the lawn.

The Himmel Theater is beautiful in the light at the end of day.

The Himmel Theater's bell tower.

Italian fountain lit up at night.

Fancy pink drink at a cafe.

Tabla drum and sitar concert on the lawn.

Seating outside a cafe.

A beautiful building.

Sweet trees, and the trolley behind.

The wide walkway that runs along the square, beautifully lit at night.

Sitting outside at a cafe at night.

Harriet Himmel Theater at night.

Sweetgreen has lovely plants around it, lit up at night.


The Square is located on Hibiscus St between S. Rosemary Ave and S. Quadrille Blvd. You can park in the Sapodilla Parking lot. Parking is $4 an hour on weekdays, and $6 a day on the weekend.
There is a historical trolley bus that takes you from The Square to the shops and restaurants on Clematis Street. Or it's an easy walk of a few blocks. 
From Highway 95, exit at Okeechobee Blvd and head toward the ocean. You will cross over a long bridge over the blue waters of the intercoastal waterway. Turn left on S. Sapodilla Ave and right on Hibiscus St.
AMC Cinemas, 545 Hibiscus Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, call (561) 833-0400.


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