Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach
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Wakodahatchee Wetlands has wildlife galore! It is just as good as the Everglades! The minute you start on the boardwalk you see birds of all kinds, sometimes even roseate spoonbills! Oh how lovely are their dark pink feathers on their sides! You walk on the long, beautiful boardwalk in a loop, stopping at gazebos to peer into the water. There are big goofy woodstorks in trees, anhingas drying their feathers, and amazing shiny blue birds. Some of the ducks have red bills. There's a good chance you'll see an alligator! Last time we visited, around noon in January, we saw about eight alligators, and watched one eat a bird! It was very exciting.

The best time to see lots of birds is February to April. The birds start arriving, mating, and building nests around November. Roseate spoonbills came for a while, from 2014 to 2016, but not as often these days. 
A nine minute drive away to the southwest is Delray Marketplace, a spiffy outdoor shopping center with cafes and cute shops.

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Alligator cruising by.

Wooden boardwalk.

A Roseate Spoonbill- what a beauty!

A Roseate Spoonbill and its fluffy pink feathers!

The wooden boardwalk over the wetlands.

Wood storks nesting in a tree!

A white egret, determined to find a meal.

Canopy of trees.

I love these birds with blue color gradient!

Doesn't this guy have an amazing-shaped bill?

Lovely birds with blue feather and red beak.

A Great Blue Heron.

These birds are hilarious!

Alligator under the boardwalk.

People check out the alligator under the boardwalk.

Can you spot the beautiful rainbow-colored bird?

Sunny day at the wetlands.

The wooden boardwalk.

Flowers catching the light.

Great blue heron.

Anhinga bird drying its wings.

Pretty sight of water lilies.

The entrance to the wetlands.

Bird on a tree trunk sticking out of the water, and reflection.

Can you spot the alligator?

Alligator looking serious.


It's fun to spot an alligator!

Egret in the flowers.

Bird in the wetlands.

Alligator's curvy tail.

Funny woodstorks in the trees right by the boardwalk.

Blue heron.

Wood stork in a tree.

Duck with red beak.

White egrets honing in on a meal.

About to take flight...

Beautiful black and white bird.

Can you see the alligator?

This blue heron is really taking his chances...

Bird in a tree.

Luminous blue bird.


Alligator on the grassy bank.

Long-neck turtle!

Shiny blue and black bird called a boat-tailed grackle.

Alligator catching a bird!

Munch, munch...

Holding onto his catch, because it's hard to eat!

Alligator cruising by, below us.

Alligator in the dark water...

Alligator moving slowly along.

Checking out the alligator from the boardwalk.

Blue-colored bird.

"Snorkel" bird catching a fish!

Fat alligator!

Can you spy the gator?

Baby ducks!

Snake in a tree!

Bird taking flight.

Bird in a tree.

Plaque with names of wading birds.

Purple flower in January.

Anhinga in a tree.

Bird at the very top of a tree!

The boardwalk.

Plaque telling you the wildlife you will see.

Purple flowers!

Adorable baby birds.

Clusters of trees silhouetted in the serene water.

Cute tree.

New life sprouting everywhere.


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William Crowe

Thu, 29 Sep 2016

What a nice write up and the photos are excellent. Looks like quite a lot of birdlife needing to keep an alert eye to avoid those alligators!

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