Wells Road and side streets walk, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Wells Road and side streets walk, Palm Beach
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Most of the streets on the northern half of Palm Beach Island don't have any sidewalks but Wells Road and the streets south of it do! You can walk along, zig zagging between the intracoastal (where the N. Lake Trail or bike path is), and the ocean, with its gentle lapping waves. It's a lovely walk!

Wells Road is the most shady, cool road, thickly lined with gnarled pine trees. What a joy to stroll along! Check out the beautiful Spanish-style fire station on Wells Road and N. County Rd. Listen to the sound of pigeons cooing at Villa Oiseau, one of the mansions. 
Continue back to the other side of the island, along Dunbar Rd, then check out Atlantic Ave, Everglade Ave, and Seminole Ave. Overhead enjoy the rustle of coconut trees. Admire the hedges, hibiscus flowers, mansions covered in bougainvillea, and the sweet smell of jasmone flowers. In March, you will see yellow flowering trees. 
This walk is 3 miles long, shorter or longer depending on where you park.
Extend your walk by strolling the N. Lake Trail which is very shady in the morning. Or you could do the Banyan Tree walk, which starts at the fire station on Wells Road. At the south end of it is Sunset Park, where you can recline on little mounds among rocks and flowers. Nearby you can have a treat at Main Street Coffee or Sprinkles Ice Cream (it smells so good in there) at the Royal Poinciana Way shops. While on the island, drive past Witch's Wall, at 300 Country Club Rd, a road dug into the coral. 
On the eastern end of Wells Rd is a beach access gate leading to Sunset Ave Beach, a gorgeous clean beach. 
See below for places to park you car.

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Side street, Dunbar Rd, leading off the North Lake Trail.

Mansion along Sunset Ave.

Pineapple lanterns along Sunset Ave.

Sunset Ave beach entrance!

The beach at the end of Sunset Avenue is wide and gorgeous.

Palms galore on Everglade Ave where it meets the ocean.

Mansion and palms on Everglade Ave.

Yellow hibiscus.

I love this circular design on the driveway.

Arched windows and balcony, on a mansion on Everglade Ave.

Red hibiscus and hedges.

Flowers at the base of twisty trees.

North Lake Trail, a wonderful part of your walk.

Flagler Memorial Bridge at sunset.

Gazebo at Sunset Park, where the North Lake Trail begins.

View of the intracoastal and the North Lake Trail, from the gazebo at Sunset Park.

Cute sculpture and bench.

Tall palms along the North Lake Trail.

European-style trees on Wells Rd, near N. County Rd.

Garden at Villa Oiseau, my favorite mansion on Wells Rd, near N. County Rd and the beach.

Salmon pink fence and European-style trees on Wells Rd, between N. County Rd and the beach.

Gorgeous gate at Villa Oiseau.

Singing ring-necked dove at Villa Oiseau on Wells Rd, near N. County Rd and the beach.

Cute hedges on Wells Rd between N. County Rd and the beach.

Salmon pink house on Wells Rd.

I love this fence and these French-style trees on Wells Rd, between N. County Rd and the beach.

Square bushes outside Biltmore residences.

Triangle-shaped tiles on steps.

Norfolk pines and a decorated roof.

The Biltmore residences and their square-shaped trees!

Classic sculpture in front of a house with a powder blue door and archway.

Yellow blossoming tree.

Colors galore- yellow tree, silver palm, purple bougainvillea.

Sun shining on the grass and palm fronds.

Walking under a palm frond.

Bath house on the beach side, across from a mansion.

Hammock on the beach side, across from a lucky mansion.

Mansion with wooden door.

Elephant ironwork gate.

View from the beach access.

View of the sand and glimmering water, from the beach access at the end of Wells Rd.

Lovely sand and calm water, at the beach access.

Wells Road has lots of shade.

Sculpted hedges and pine trees, on Wells Rd.

Lion sculptures on a gate on Wells Rd.

Gumbo limbo tree and its gold trunk.

Norfolk pines and palms. The life!

Palm trees silhouetted against a sunny ocean.

Round hedges embracing palms.

Moorish window.

Mansion with tall palms.

Impatiens around palm trunks.

The amazing movement of water in the intracoastal.

The intracoastal is on one end of the side streets, while the beach is on the other! What an incredible walk!


There are some free, two-hour parking spaces on the side streets, and on Bradley Pl at Dunbar Rd. Make sure you check the signs since it's easy to get a parking ticket around here.


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