Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

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Palm Beach, FL
Worth Avenue, Palm Beach
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Worth is the right name for this avenue because everything sold in the shops here is WORTH thousands. If you can get past the inequality and the women with tiny plastic-surgery noses, this is a gorgeous place to stroll along. At the 300 block the arches you stroll under look like a cathedral's arches! Little alleyways (paseos) off the main street are the true delight here. There are an abundance of them and each is unique. Flowers hang from baskets, Spanish archways add texture to the backdrop, fountains bubble up around sculptures, wooden balconies jut out in the bright sun. And tropical palms reach for the sky in the midst of it all. This is Santa Barbara, California but in the tropics!

Historical tours depart from the courtyard at 256 Worth Ave at 10:30am Wednesdays from late November (Nov 23, 2022) to late April (Apr 26, 2023) for a cost of $25. Registration required at the Eventbrite website.
Worth Avenue leads down to the ocean where it meets Ocean Blvd. Here, a fancy white archway where the pier used to be provides shade so you can stand and look out at the incredible color of the water. What bliss! A promenade leads along the ocean both south and north.
The Gucci courtyard at 256 Worth Ave has sculptures of children climbing, reading, or standing under an umbrella (drops of rain included). Here there are colorful flowers galore.
There are some very romantic spots to eat lunch with your spouse in the adorable courtyards on Worth Avenue. Some are so lovely, such as Via Parigi, with Il Papiro paper shop, Blue Caribe Gems, and the amazing art gallery, John H. Surovek Gallery, which has colorful, cheerful American art that mesmerizes. This is my favorite spot in all of Worth Ave. You can also have Piccolo Gelato here- try the delicious passionfruit gelato in a cup with a little wafer on top!
Outside Tiffany & Co, check out the gorgeous Christmas tree in December, or the pale purple flowering trees in February and March. Here there is a long rectangular pool with lily pads. A gazebo with a bench stands at the end- it's a nice place to take in the lovely scene.
After April, when the "season" is over and many of the store owners flee to stores they own in the Hamptons and other east coast get-aways, things become quiet here.
Also check out Memorial Fountain Plaza, a European-style plaza which is two blocks from Worth Ave. 
At the eastern end of Worth Avenue you can see a wall with plants planted on it! This is on Saks 5th Ave. At the very end is the most glorious beach called Midtown Beach with a salmon-pink wave wall with white trim and a walking path that goes for miles along the shore. The white coral clocktower gives this spot a sense of place, plus a shady spot from which to view the turquoise water. You will want to swim so bring your swimsuit!
Flagler's mansion is a wonderful place to gain some history of the area and see the true opulence that is Palm Beach.
On the western end of Worth Ave, at 400 Worth Ave, there is a stretch of grass with the prettiest intracoastal views, in a curved spot on the water. Continue west to S. Lake Drive to see a row of huge banyan trees that look like Hawaii! The side streets here, that lead between S. Lake Drive and S. Ocean Blvd, are filled with coconut trees, huge glamorous hedges, bougainvillea, ornate gates, and gardens (Brazilian Ave, Chilean Ave). Peruvian Ave, another side street, which runs behind Worth Ave, has some sweet cafes and architecture. There is so much exploring to be done on Palm Beach Island!
Another great shopping center on the island is Via Flagler shops on Royal Poinciana Way.

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Sweet flowers and relief panel.

Cute little blue lantern and heart-shaped vine.

Old-fashioned wall decoration.

Statue of girl feeding a fish to a dolphin, in Gucci Courtyard.

Statue of boy climbing over the wall, in Gucci Courtyard.

Amazing vertical garden, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Worth Avenue leads east to Ocean Blvd and a gorgeous promenade beside the sea!

The clocktower at the beach end of Worth Ave.

The arches at Worth Ave.

The romantic arches.

Spanish building on Peruvian Ave.

Wonderful Spanish balconies.

Alley with shops.

Skinny palms in alley.

Ceramic tiled stairs.

Festive arches.

Gorgeous archway and ironwork gate...one of my favorite photos of Worth Ave.

A paradise of arches...

Stained glass windows and palms, at the Everglades Club, a secret social club that doesn't allow cell phones and has no sign or website.

Bell tower.

Wonderful, chunky archway.

Tiled stairs that curve around just perfectly.

Spanish architecture bliss.

Gorgeous combination of tiled fountain, small palm, wooden table set, and striped umbrella.

Archway and sky.

Heavenly courtyard.

Monkey, leaves, and flower details on copper work.

Palm and gothic windows.

Statue in pale blue courtyard.

Salmon stairs and flowers.

Striped awnings as you near the beach.

Palms galore as you reach the beach.

Colorful tiled stairs and decorated column.

Garden in courtyard on Worth Ave.

Lovely cafe in Gucci courtyard.

Sculpture of child climbing a ladder.

Sculpture with children under umbrella.

Incredibly cute building.

Long view of arches.

Curlicue gate.

Yellow awning and Spanish balcony.

Golden-striped alley at Worth Avenue.

Beautiful wave wall at the end of Worth Ave.

Spiky plants, blue-green ocean, and white wave wall at the end of Worth Ave.

Fountain and vine over a bench, at Worth Ave and Hibiscus Ave.

Reflecting pool outside Tiffany's, on Hibiscus Ave and Worth Ave.

Lily pads in the reflecting pool.

Lily flower in the reflecting pool outside Tiffany's.

Fountain, and bike riders on Worth Ave.

Hoffman and its stripey awning.

Blissful view along Worth Ave.

Shady paseo.

Purple flower in a paseo.

Looking up at balustrades.

An adorable sight in a paseo.

Side courtyard with yellow ceramic flower boxes.

Lilly Pulitzer at Christmastime.

Looking down Worth Ave at the Christmas tree.

A blue tiled paseo.

Worth Ave and its rows of coconut trees swaying in the breeze.

The Silver Fund building.

Arches and gothic lanterns.

Every staircase is sweet.

Hydrangea and blue and green tiled fountain.

Hydrangea and multi-colored staircase.

Looking up at Spanish roofs and palm trees.

A sweet table with stripey umbrella, lights strung around coconut trunks, and hydrangea.

Tiled gate outside Via Pirigi, on Peruvian Ave.

Gothic cream-colored building on Peruvian Ave, behind Via Parigi.

Orange bromeliad and stripey heart-shaped leaves.

Heart-shaped curlicue ironwork fence with bell.

Whimsical plants.

Spanish fountain in a plaza off Worth Ave.

Green wall with green shutters and carving.

Painting called Un Voyage Merveilleux, by Bubman, in John H. Surovek Gallery.

Peeking in the window of John H. Surovek Gallery.

Sculpted pears in John H. Surovek Gallery.

Colorful carved arches of William R. Eubanks Interior Design.

Glass sculptures in a shop window.

Ironwork gate and archway.

Looking across an indentation in the intracoastal, toward marvelous trees of the Everglades Club, seen from the west end of Worth Ave.

Blissful view across the intracoastal, as seen from around 400 Worth Ave. These are the trees that line Flagler Drive.

Gothic windows, lantern, and lovely plant.

Gothic windows and balustrade.

White and red hibiscus, agave, and palms.

White and red hibiscus.

Yellow flowers.

Amazing fan-like travelers palms.

Tourneau, at Christmastime.

Palm trees against the evening sky, at Christmastime.

Outside Van Cleef & Appels, at Christmastime.

Geometric decoration below Spanish tile.

Mural of sailboat on a turquoise sea, and purple bougainvillea above.

Mural of an old man, a bell tower and bright blue sky.

Tiffany and Co.

Fountain and skinny palms, in the square beside Tiffany and Co.

Purple bougainvillea on the rooftop, and adorable skinny palms.

Geometric fountain, and in the distance, alley with star lights.

Alley with cafe, and purple bougainvillea.

Trellis with purple bougainvillea.

Amazing alley with tiled floor and star lights.

Gothic windows with biscuit-colored frame. I love Worth Ave!

Leap Frog sculpture, by Prince Monyo of Romania.

Striped umbrellas and purple bougainvillea.

Maus & Hoffman building. What perfect Gothic windows!


Ironwork staircase.

Popping colors!

Historic storefront with lion head pediment.

Flowers, coconut tree, and Spanish tile roof.

Maison Monica and 55 Croisette.

Spanish building with arches at the ocean end of Worth Ave.

Spanish building at the ocean end of Worth Ave.

Vertical garden at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Pink architecture of Colony Hotel.

Sculpture of a boy climbing a ladder, by Prince Monyo of Romania.

Bougainvillea everywhere.

Statue of child pushing two children on a swing, by Prince Monyo of Romania.

A beautiful street near Worth Ave.

Piccolo Gelato. Try their passionfruit gelato!

Purple bougainvillea and bromeliads in hanging baskets.

Pink flowers and yellow building with ironwork stair railing.

Water Lily, Loxahatchee, by Scott Kelley. At John H. Surovek Gallery.

La Demoiselle Importante, by Orville Bulman. At John H. Surovek Gallery.

Inside John H. Surovek Gallery. I love the pear and apple sculptures.

Arched window, Spanish tile roof, ironwork balcony...pretty details everywhere!

The Christmas tree on Worth Ave, outside Tiffany & Co.

The Christmas tree almost spills out onto the street.

A house with arches, near Worth Ave.

Ladies who lunch.

Statue of kids drinking at a water fountain, by Prince Monyo of Romania.

Looking up at tropical trees.

Striped umbrella and purple bougainvillea.

Statue of kids talking at a bench, by Prince Monyo of Romania.

Gothic lamppost and half-timbered portion of building.

Half-timbered portion of building.

Girl reading a book sculpture by Prince Monyo of Romania.

Row of palms and attractive buildings on the corner of Cocoanut Row and Worth Ave.

Orchids under a tree.

Purple flowers in a planter on Worth Ave.

Via Parigi.

Blue decorated paseo.

Details on Spanish building.

Spanish architecture and canary palms.


Exit Highway 95 at Okeechobee Blvd and head toward the ocean. You will pass over a two bridges and then you are on the island. Turn right on Cocoanut Row and once you get nearer to Worth Ave you can park for free along the road on Cocoanut Row. 
If you turn left on Peruvian Ave, you can park along the road on Peruvian Ave, though you must pay at the meters with your credit card. Parking costs $2 for the first hour and $1 for each half hour after that. You can also park in the Apollo Parking Lot for a fee.
Piccolo Gelato, 66 Via Mizner, Palm Beach, FL 33480. 


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Wed, 14 Dec 2016

I'll be there in two days!!

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Thu, 23 Jun 2016

What is the name of that amazing boat store at the end of Worth street by the ocean?

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Fri, 24 Jun 2016

Sorry, I don't know!

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