Artillery Park

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Quebec City
Artillery Park
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Artillery Park is a beautiful spot where you can stand as if atop the city! You are on the old rampart walls, where they jut through the city. It's not as pristine as the photos because there is quite a lot of trash sprinkled around- I think because there are public restrooms nearby in Esplanade Park that attract some homeless people. 

Artillery Park is located between the main strips of Rue Saint Jean and Rue Saint Louis, so don't miss out on seeing it! You can combine it with an explore of these streets, which you end up on a lot when eating out or shopping in the city. The park runs along Rue d'Auteuil, a very steep street!
First you walk along Rue d'Auteuil which has gorgeous historic row houses, of attractive colors. Here you find the public restrooms and a cute space age playground at Esplanade Park. Then you can walk up to the castle-like tops of Kent Gate and Saint John Gate, admiring the cannons and geometric stretches of grass in between. The old architecture is adorable. You can look down at pretty Chapelle Des Jesuites, with its tall bell tower.  Down the steps from Saint John Gate you come to a heritage area with old buildings and cannon balls arranged in pyramids. Kids love these stacks of cannon balls!
This spot atop the walls really makes you feel elated, and continues on as a magical memory.
Another part of Artillery Park is around the corner, at 30 Rue McMahon. It has no name but I call it Dauphine Redoubt Park. This is an enchanting spot with stone walls, leafy trees, a picket fence, steep lawns, and old French buildings such as Dauphine Redoubt, where people picnic. Buy a sandwich nearby on Rue Saint Jean and bring it here for a picnic! Rue Saint Stanislaus, that leads up from this park, has pristine architecture.
Rue Saint Jean is near Artillery Park, by Saint John Gate, and you can find something to eat there. It's incredibly crowded during peak times, but there are lots of nice places to eat, plus a good bookstore.
In winter you can ice skate, with views of the beautiful Saint John Gate, at Place D'Youville. This must be exhilarating!
Artillery Park is located in a strategic position on Quebec's promontory. Its ramparts were built by the French in the 18th century. At this area, there were barracks for French and English soldiers, a munitions factory, and a warehouse. It was closed to civilians for 250 years but is now open for all to explore.

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Rue d'Auteuil is a gorgeous street that leads to Artillery Park.

Red and yellow townhouses on Rue d'Auteuil.

Pleasant walkway along Rue d'Auteuil, that leads to Artillery Park.

Rue d'Auteuil is a stunning street that leads to Artillery Park.

Rowhouses on Rue d'Auteuil.

I love 51 Rue d'Auteuil., with its turquoise trim and silver roof!

Stone rowhouses along Rue d'Auteuil.

Chapelle des Jesuites and distant landscape.

Chapelle des Jesuites, catching the sunlight.

Kent Gate.

Exploring the top of Kent Gate.

View of Chapelle des Jesuites through the stone wall of Kent Gate.

The top of Artillery Park affords wonderful views!

Stairs leading down to Chapelle des Jesuites.

Chapelle des Jesuites and the adorable neighborhood.

Rue d"auteuil and its rowhouses.

It's wonderful to stand atop Artillery Park!

Walking the winding path on the fortifications.


Maison Dauphine is grand.

Cannon at Artillery Park.

A couple check out Saint John Gate.

Looking down at Rue St-Jean from Saint John Gate.

Rue Saint Jean, as seen from Saint John Gate.

Looking back on Theatre Capitole, from Saint John Gate.

Saint John Gate is out of a fairytale!

The door of Saint John Gate.

Cannons, with Theatre Capitole behind.

Looking down at the Artillery Park Information building.

Visitors climb the stairs up to the top of Artillery Park.

The Information building for Artillery Park.

Gate leading out to Rue d'Auteuil.

A father and daughter make their way down the stairs from Saint John Gate.

I love these cannon ball pyramids.

Cannon and cannon balls in a pyramid.

Continue straight, and you come to another part of Artillery Park, at Dauphine Redoubt.

Information plaque near Dauphine Redoubt.

Lovely leafy trees provide shade near Dauphine Redoubt.

Dauphine Redoubt is a sweet building.

Daupine Redoubt and its picket fence.

Stone wall at Dauphine Redoubt.

Flowers by the picket fence.

A young man relaxes on steps by Dauphine Redoubt.

A couple sits on a sloped lawn by Dauphine Redoubt.

The bottom of the stairs, at Artillery Park.

Maison Dauphine, built in 1822.

Maison Dauphine has unique neo-Gothic architecture.

The chunky stone staircase at Artillery Park.

Maison Dauphine has a beautiful roof.

The adorable views that can be found at Artillery Park.

Rue d'Auteuil.

The wall at Kent Gate.

Kent Gate, and Chapelle des Jesuites in the distance.

The roof of Honore-Mercier parking garage is covered in grass and you can walk over it!

Palais Montcalm and Kent Gate.

Flowers on top of the Honore-Mercier parking garage.

You can walk on top of the Honore-Mercier parking garage to get to Artillery Park.

Walking on top of the Honore-Mercier parking garage to get to Artillery Park from Blvd Honore-Mercier.


Artillery Park is located between the main strips of Rue Saint Jean and Rue Saint Louis, so don't miss out on seeing it!


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Mon, 11 Sep 2023

Nice to visit. Made it out here. Parking was almost full a few spots along the road.

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