Dauphine Redoubt Park

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Quebec City
Dauphine Redoubt Park
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There is a little park with no name of its own next to Dauphine Redoubt, a historic building that is an extension of Artillery Park, around the corner from the main area of Artillery Park. It really deserves its own name so I called it Dauphine Redoubt Park! Here, people in the know gather to have a sandwich from nearby Rue Saint Jean and enjoy it in peaceful solitude. Little hills and adorable architecture make this an enchanting spot hidden away from the crowds. What is pleasing is how there are so many different angles to this park, with stone walls, picket fences, and paths all pointing in different angles. The trees are leafy and just right. And the architecture is very old and French!

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Information plaque about The Barracks Sector.

Leafy trees provide shade!

Dauphine Redoubt, a sweet building.

Dauphine Redoubt and its picket fence.

Stone wall by Dauphine Redoubt.

Flowers by the picket fence.

A young man reads on the steps behind Dauphine Redoubt.

A couple sits on the sloped lawn by Dauphine Redoubt.


This unnamed park is part of Artillery Park, around the corner from the main part of Artillery Park, and next to Dauphine Redoubt. It is located at 30 Rue McMahon, Quebec City.


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