Esplanade Park playground

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Quebec City
Esplanade Park playground
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Esplanade Playground is in a special spot by the old rampart walls. You can climb up to the top of the ramparts, Artillery Park, after your time at the playground! The playground itself doesn't have much shade, though there is a cute wooden bench that circles around a tree, that provides a shady snack spot. Kids love the swings, baby swings, spherical spinner, arch climby, and other interesting ball-studded climbies at this playground! The bright green hills of the ramparts, dotted with flowers, look cute from the park. There is also a splash pad by the restrooms but I don't know if I'd trust it as a clean spot to play. Unfortunately, there are some homeless people around because of the public restrooms.
Rue Saint Jean is nearby, and you can find something to eat there. Kids love to get boba tea at Presotea. There is a good kids section at Librairie Pantoute, a large bookstore with a cool spiral staircase.

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The playground and its cute location. See it in the bottom right corner of the photo.

Esplanade Park playground and the houses on Rue d'Auteuil.

Splash fountain at Esplanade Park, with the fortifications behind.

Space age playground at Esplanade Park.

Wooden bench around the base of a tree, plus swings at Esplanade Park. Work on the fortifications in the background.

An adorable building on Rue d'Auteuil across the street.

Carriage ride on Rue d'Auteuil, which runs along Esplanade Park.

I love the turquoise window and door trim of 51 Rue d'Auteuil.

Lush walkway beside Esplanade Park on Rue d'Auteuil.

51 Rue d'Auteuil is one of the most gorgeous rowhouses I've ever seen!


Esplanade Park is located at 60 Rue D'Auteuil, Québec City.


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