Joan of Arc Garden & Plains of Abraham

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Quebec City
Joan of Arc Garden & Plains of Abraham
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Joan of Arc Garden is a long rectangular garden with lovely flower beds. It is a sweet little spot to sit and take in the scene of happy people coming in and out of the Plains of Abraham. The historic houses of Wilfrid-Laurier Ave make a nice backdrop. This area has many locals and is less touristy than the main area of Old Quebec. There are many young people who live in the area around Ave Cartier. After, walk to Ave Cartier and have an ice cream at Glacier Aberdeen (closed temporarily in winter), an adorable little shop on a side street, with tables under a tree strung with red lanterns. Or walk further in the Plains of Abraham (also called Battlefields Park), a huge park filled with sloped meadows for picnicking, jogging trails, and leafy trees.

If you walk east down Wilfrid-Laurier Ave, you come to Voltigeurs de Québec, a beautiful armory building. You can sometimes see military band concerts at Voltigeurs de Québec (check their facebook page). If you continue east you come to Plains of Abraham Museum, in a cute castle-like building. Check out the smart military uniforms inside. There is a lot of construction in this area currently (August 2022). From here you can walk along the side of the Citadelle to View Point Saint Laurent River, a large round structure with a gorgeous view. The maple trees here are glorious shades in the fall. Cap-Blanc Stairs are nearby, with a leafy cover- hundreds of stairs with a water view and not for the faint of heart! 
There are things to discover all around the Plains of Abraham. Running paths criss-cross the park. The one that runs parallel to Ave Ontario is called Plains of Abraham Trail and has pretty autumn leaves. It leads far, 3km, from View Point Saint Laurent River or Cap-Blanc Stairs all the way to Bois-de-Coulonge staircase.
Check out the views from Terrasse Grey, a slight detour. Edwin Belanger Bandstand has a huge lawn for enjoying music on Thursday-Sunday nights at 8pm in summer. Martello Tower sometimes has an exhibition. And Observatoire de la Capitale is a place to go to the top of a building and see views of all of Quebec City, for around $10. Another place ot visit is the Musee des Beaux Arts. 
I didn't get to visit all of these places but I did love my walk in Plains of Abraham and Joan of Arc Garden. And my stop at Glacier Aberdeen!
Plains of Abraham are named such because settler Abraham Martin owned around thirty acres of land there and grazed his animals all the way from the river to the Grand Allée. He arrived in Quebec in 1620, a few years after the colony was founded. After he died, the land was sold to the Ursuline nuns.

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The garden on a sunny day. Photo by @lynne.inspirations.

Walkway in the shade. Photo by @lynne.inspirations.

Plains of Abraham is full of little hills and paths.

A couple sits on a bench by a walking path in Plains of Abraham.

Relaxing on a lawn in Plains of Abraham.

Lush trees and walking path.

Residents hang out on benches.

Joan of Arc Gardens in Plains of Abraham.

Flowers and mansions along Wilfrid-Laurier Ave, as seen from Joan of Arc Garden.

Flowers with mansions behind.

Flowers in Joan of Arc Garden.

Flowers in the garden.

Geometric path in Joan of Arc Garden.

Wilfrid-Laurier Ave behind Joan of Arc Garden.

Path that goes around the edge of Joan of Arc Garden, and statue in the middle of the lawn.

Sunlight catching the ornamental grasses and flowers.

Orange marigolds in Joan of Arc Garden.

Star garden design.

The far end of Joan of Arc Garden.

Martello Tower in Plains of Abraham.

Martello Tower looks cute in this idyllic setting.

Lush lawn with little hills dotted with picnic tables.

Edwin Belanger Bandstand.

Lawn by Edwin Belanger Bandstand.

Residents relaxing at picnic tables.

Brick residence at the edge of Plains of Abraham.

New leaves on the trees in May. Photo by @lynne.inspirations.

Pathway in Plains of Abraham.

The citadel is next to Plains of Abraham, and was built to be hidden inside a hill, Cap Diamant.

The citadel is hidden inside a hill, Cap Diamant, next to Plains of Abraham.

Pathway in Plains of Abraham, near the citadel.

Walkway to View Point Saint Laurent River.

Friends walking along the path, near citadel.


Joan of Arc Garden is located in Plains of Abraham, at 470 Wilfrid-Laurier Ave, Quebec City.


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