Montmorency Falls

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Quebec City
Montmorency Falls
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Montmorency Falls, or Chute Montmorency in French, is an easy stop, since it is just along the road right outside Quebec City. There is a large glass visitor center with nice snacks like maple syrup chocolate. Grab a snack and then head out on your walk. You walk along a modern wooden boardwalk over the dark grey Montmorency River. This is where it churns under a bridge before it meets the Saint Lawrence River. Next you walk past a plain granite rock face, and then reach the stairs that lead to the top. As you walk up you can see the falls and the mist as they crash down. The falls are not fresh-looking in summer because of the iron content of the river, and the area below the falls is not really that scenic. At the top, you reach a huge field with some views of the Saint Lawrence River. You walk through the forest to a suspension bridge over the falls. There is a cable car to the top as well, if you want to avoid the stairs, but in summer there is a queue to get on. 

From the visitor center's back door, cross the railroad, and walk left for the cable car or right for the stairs.
Another way to visit the falls is to park in a small parking lot at the field at the top of the stairs! That is a lot easier way to see the falls, because you simply walk through the forest to the suspension bridge. The field would make a nice picnic spot as well, with views of the Saint Lawrence River and a playground too!
On the other side of the suspension bridge is a restaurant, Manoir Montmorency, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the falls and the blue Saint Lawrence River. Come early for your lunch (they open at 10am) so you can get a table right by the edge! There is also a large parking lot on this side of the falls, at the top of the falls, by the cable car station. 
I came here on a Unitour bus but they didn't give us enough time to get to the top of the stairs! So I missed out on all the beautiful sites at the top. I recommend renting a car or taking a regular bus to the falls, rather than a tour bus.
While in the area, drive around the loop road on Ile d'Orleans for lovely atmosphere! Also, visit Sanctuaire Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, a wonderful, pristine basilica in the countryside, not to be missed- it has the loveliest interior of any church I've seen. Near it is an even nicer waterfall at Canyon Sainte-Anne, with a walking path for kids with games and stories, and wooden sculptures of animals.

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Montmorency Falls in the snow! Photo by @lynne.inspirations.

Walking along the path.

The cable cars to the top.

The falls! And side falls too.

Gorgeous wood platform with glass railing, where you can sit on steps and watch the falls.

Wild river flowing under the bridge.

Picnic tables with view of the falls.

Playground at the bottom level of the park.

Flowers and the river. You can see the cable cars and side falls in the distance.

The falls.

The suspension bridge over the falls.

Stairs to the top. You better be in shape!

Descending the stairs.

The falls are close to the stairs.

Mist at the bottom of the falls.

Climbing the stairs to the top.

Map of the park. I didn't see the top level because our tour didn't give us time.


There are three places to park to see the falls.
Below the falls is the visitor center at Gare Chute Montmorency, 5300 Bd Sainte-Anne, Beauport.
At the field atop the falls are two small parking lots, near 5026 Chem. des Commissaires, Boischatel. 
And at the restaurant, Manoir Montmorency, atop the falls is a large parking lot at 2490 Ave Royale, Québec City. 
Although I was on a tour bus that went to the visitor center below the falls, next time I would park at the top of the falls at the beautiful field or restaurant.


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