Parliament Building and Gardens

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Quebec City
Parliament Building and Gardens
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Parliament Building is one of the loveliest spots in Quebec City. The building, built in the late 19th century, sits atop a hill surrounded by gardens full of lively flowers. There are statues among the gardens, but the most interesting statues are at each window of the building itself! They are statues full of movement and life, and almost spooky in that way! The building should be seen in daytime, at sunset, and at night, when the fountain in the middle of the street, Fontaine de Tourney is lit up. In all different types of light, the building whispers new mysteries. If you stay at Hilton Quebec, you will pass the building every time you walk toward Chateau Frontenac and the main part of town, so it's lovely to see it each time! There is a herb garden along the path in front of the building, plus many side gardens. The garden that leads toward the Hilton is shady and delightful.

If you walk up the street along the left side of Parliament Building you will pass the beginning of the Plains of Abraham, a huge field with walkways and gardens, and reach Grande Allee, a street of cafes. I still have to explore that area next time I visit!
Most people who walk past Parliament, however, head under the adorable Saint Louis Gate, to Rue Saint Louis, a main street with hotels and cafes which leads to Chateau Frontenac and Dufferin Terrace, the heart of Old Quebec.
If you turn right as soon as you get on Rue Saint Louis, you come to the Citadelle, a wonderful spot to tour. You can also walk along its walls to the best view in Quebec City, Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons Terrace.

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The cabinet building.

Tourny Fountain, in the roundabout by Parliament. It is lit beautifully at night.

There are always many people walking around Parliament at night, so you are safe.

The impressive Parliament building.

I love the spooky statues standing in the windows of the Parliament Building.

The statues at each window and alcove.

Spooky statues in the clocktower of the Parliament Building.

Poseidon fountain at Parliament.

9th of February, 1922. A little sculpture in the window at the Parliament Building.

People stand in the grounds of the Parliament Building at night.

The clocktower with its Quebec flag.

Statues on the Parliament Building.

De Salaberry sculpture.

Side view of the clocktower.

The lovely architectural style of the Parliament Building and the Library of the National Assembly.

Quebec flag and ironwork atop the Parliament Building.

Lamppost and Parliament Building.

Gandhi bust, across the street at Esplanade Park.

Flower beds and fountain, across the street at Esplanade Park.

Pink daisies, across the street at Esplanade Park.

Flower beds, lush lawn, trees, and sculpture, across the street at Esplanade Park.

The Parliament Building in the daytime.

Flowers at Esplanade Park.

Flower bed at Esplanade Park, and Parliament in the distance.

Bright green plants in flower bed at Esplanade Park.

Adorable white flowers in Esplanade Park.

Lovely view of mountains, islands, and spires, from the grassy roof of the Stationnement SPAQ Honore-Mercier.

Spires in the skyline, as seen from Blvd Honore-Mercier, near Parliament, a popular place to stroll at night.

Looking down Blvd Honore-Mercier, from an island in the middle of the boulevard, full of flowers!

Gorgeous view of Edifice Price, from Blvd Honore-Mercier, near Parliament.

Parliament Building windows reflecting the sunset. I love these trees!

Parliament Building in the evening, as seen from Hilton Quebec entrance.

Hilton Quebec with its flag and sunset views over the city.

Leaping tigers sculpture in front of Hilton Quebec.

Statues in front of Hilton Quebec.

Yellow flower bonanza! Across the street in Esplanade Park.

Flowers in Esplanade Park.

Fountain in the roundabout in front of Parliament.

Cute purple ball flowers in Esplanade Park.

Wonderful statues in Parliament Gardens.

Daisies in Parliament Gardens.

I love the gardens in front of Parliament!

Archway in the Parliament Gardens.

Strolling along Parliament Gardens.

A sunny day at Parliament.


Plants with colorful leaves.

Dainty flowers.

Begonia flowers.

Eating lunch by a sculpture at Parliament, near Grande Allee.

The attractive Parliament Building.

Little purple flowers and orange flowers in the Parliament Gardens near Grande Allee.

Side view of Parliament Building.

A wonderful mix of flowers in the flowerbeds at Parliament, near Grande Allee.

Colorful mix of flowers in the Parliament Gardens, near Grande Allee.

A perfect pot with hanging plants.

Flowers that are little purple spheres!

Carriage ride past Parliament, along Grande Allee.

Stud muffins! Talon and Boucher.

Marie-Claire Kirkland, who faught for equality.

Yellow flowers.

Beautiful sculpture of a Native Canadian family.

I love this little building beside Parliament. Library of the National Assembly of Quebec.

Parliament and shady lawn!

Monument Honore Mercier, in front of Parliament.

Details of Monument Honore Mercier.

Maple tree!

Benches in front of Parliament, with views of the amazing sculptures on the building.

Shady grounds of Parliament.

Lovely shady hill for kids to run up and down.

Stairs surrounded by flowers in Parliament Gardens.

Walk of the First Ministers, above Blvd Rene-Levesque, near the Parliament Gardens.

Stone archway in the gardens.

Stone archway, in a peaceful area of the gardens near Blvd Rene Levesque.

Monument to one of the ministers.

Pink flowers.

Beautiful architecture.

Peaceful grounds...what a perfect place.

Yellow flowers in the garden.

Last rays of light catching the leaves, at the parliament building.

Parliament building in the early evening.

Monument Honore Mercier, in front of the parliament building.

Monument Honore Mercier is a grand sculpture.

At night with a purple sky.

Delicate red flowers along the walkway.

Magenta flowers.

The walkway.

People sit on the benches beholding the sight!

Flowers in the garden.

An unusual flower.

Gate of the city walls, as seen from across the street.


Parliament Building is located at 1045 Rue des Parlementaires, Québec City.


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