Rue Saint-Jean (west)

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Quebec City
Rue Saint-Jean (west)
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The west end of Rue Saint-Jean is a good place to go if you want to be around more locals than tourists. You can find restaurants that aren't all full with reservations! Here you can find nice cafes, pizzerias, bars with outdoor seating, bakeries, used bookstores, and little markets for groceries. There is even a local library, Library Claire-Martin (Bibliothèque Claire-Martin in French), in a former church- what a lovely place to read with the church arches towering above you! Carotte Joyeuse is a good health food grocer. Piazzetta is a pleasant place to sit outside, watch the people stroll by, and enjoy a thin crust pizza. At night, the nightlife is buzzing here, and many people are dressed in an edgy, slightly goth style. This street is not as clean as the streets in the touristy area of Old Quebec.

There is a huge Jesus sculpture above a staircase with views across to the mountains far in the distance. This is by St Jean Baptiste Church, a beautiful church with a small square in front. The church was built in 1884, of Italian marble.The architecture all around you is beautiful.
If you walk east you will pass stunning views at Artillery Park, and eventually come to the main part of Rue Saint-Jean where hoards of tourists walk around. There is a great bookstore, many cafes, and a cute coffee shop, Cafe La Maison Smith St Jean. Pub Saint Alexandre has excellent live music at lunchtime.

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La Piazzetta Saint-Jean has lovely outdoor tables.

Moisan Epicerie.

Bols et Poke.

St Jean Baptiste Church, a beautiful church with a small square in front. Built in 1884, of Italian marble.

St Jean Baptiste Church has a very pleasing clean color.

The square outside St Jean Baptiste Church. Lovely!

Jesus, with arms outstretched, high in the sky next to St Jean Baptiste Church.

Jesus, with arms outstretched, next to St Jean Baptiste Church.

Le Chateau Du Faubourg, built in Napoleon III style, at 425 Rue St Jean.

Hilly side street.

Cantook, a cozy coffee shop.

La Piazzetta Saint-Jean is a pleasant place to eat.

Le Hobbit Bistro.

La Piazzetta Saint-Jean.

Tutto Gelato.

Ninkasi Bar and Bistro shares this building.

Passage Olympia, with its strung lights.

Sculpted doorway.

Quebec flag.

Passage Olympia.

Bibliotheque Claire-Martin, a church turned library!

Spiral staircase and stained glass inside Bibliotheque Claire-Martin.

Bookshelves inside Bibliotheque Claire-Martin, which used to be a church.

Bibliotheque Claire-Martin has amazing wooden arches.

Bibliotheque Claire-Martin and its stained glass.

Bibliotheque Claire-Martin has colorful stained glass.

Bibliotheque Claire-Martin, a library that used to be a chapel.

Storefronts outside Bibliotheque Claire-Martin.

Rue Saint Jean is a vibrant street.

Moisan, historic grocery market.

Moisan Epicerie and its red building, founded in 1871.

Orange trim and grey-blue buildings.

A cute turret.

Magical architecture at night.

Turret that steals your heart.

Bibliotheque Claire-Martin is pretty at dusk.

Ninkasi Bar and Bistro shares this building with lovely outdoor seating.

Ninkasi Bar and Bistro lighting inside.

Ninkasi Bar and Bistro has outdoor seating with atmosphere.

Seating outside Ninkasi Bar and Bistro.

Comedy hour inside Ninkasi Bar and Bistro.

View of Place D'Youville from Blvd Honore-Mercier at night.

Hotel Palace Royal at night in Place D'Youville.


This is the stretch of Rue Saint-Jean that is west of Boulevard Honoré-Mercier. 
Carotte Joyeuse, 690 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec City. 
Bibliothèque Claire-Martin, 755 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec City.
La Piazzetta Saint-Jean, 707 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec City. Closed Sundays.


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