Rue Saint-Louis and side streets

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Quebec City
Rue Saint-Louis and side streets
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You walk under castle-like Saint Louis Gate to get to Rue Saint-Louis, a very crowded street with restaurants and hotels. The architecture here is magical, especially at night, and the best part is that at the end of the street, you are at Chateau Frontenac! Here people relax in the recessed Place d'Armes, dine outdoors in busy cafes along Rue Sainte-Anne, gather to watch street performers at Monument Samuel de Champlain, and best of all, stroll along the wide boardwalk above the river, called Dufferin Terrace.

The restaurants on Rue Saint-Louis all have indoor seating only, since the sidewalk is too narrow for outdoor seating. They also require reservations. 
As you first pass under Saint Louis Gate, the street to the Citadelle is on your right. Then you pass Esplanade Park on your left. There is often a very good accordion player busking there, along Rue Saint-Louis. 
You immediately see some amazing architecture. The building that houses Nili Alimentation, a coffee shop at number 76, was built in 1828, and has such an unusual turret with four dormers. Bagages de France is in a cute three-storey building, street number 74, built in 1890, with a nice window display always. 
There are some very old buildings on Rue Saint-Louis, as you get closer to Chateau Frontenac. The adorable red-roofed building of Aux Anciens Canadiens Restaurant, at number 34, was built in 1675. It is the cutest on the street! Maillou House, street number 17, was built in 1736. House of the Duke of Kent, is to the right of it, at street number 25, built in 1648. Its first floor walls and foundation date back to 1648, and its main structure to 1819. The Chateauesque building across the street was built in the late 19th century, as many of the grand buildings in Quebec City were.
There are some adorable side streets that lead off to the left from Rue Saint-Louis. Rye d'Auteuil has gorgeous row houses, and best of all, you can climb up to castle-like Kent Gate and enter Artillery Park. Another side street that leads off from Rue Saint-Louis is Rue du Parloir, which has very special silver-roofed architecture at the Ursuline Monastery. What an enchanting corner, with a leafy garden as well! The next side street Rue des Jardins, leads to the same spot, via a street roundabout with a statue of a huge hand. It is lovely! If you continue along Rue des Jardins you come to the amazing City Hall and its gardens.
Side streets that lead off to the right from Rue Saint-Louis also lead to wonderful things! Rue d'Auteuil leads in this direction to Ave Saint-Denis where you will find the most incredible parks, Parc Du Bastion-de-la-Reine which leads to Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons Terrace, where you are on top of the world looking down on the river, Old Quebec, the Citadelle, and the fancy silver-roofed houses on Ave Saint-Denis. This is the peak of travel!
Rue Haldimand leads to two parks, one tiny, one big: it leads to Rue Mont-Carmel which leads to tiny Parc du Cavalier du Moulins (check if it's open because sometimes the walls are being repaired), a romantic walled park that is peaceful and tucked away. It has views of the layers of architecture, pretty trees in the fall, and cannons from when it was a 17th century fortification. I haven't visited it yet. Parc des Gouverneurs is a gorgeous spot overlooking Dufferin Terrace and the blue river. People picnic here or sit on benches and watch the joyous scene below, listening to the live musicians from a distance. There is a large statue of Montcalm. This park is beside Chateau Frontenac, and I have visited it many times to soak up the perfect summer vibes here.

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Blue Marine, on Rue Saint-Louis.

Gorgeous clocktower at night.

Lantern and festive lights in the distance.

The chateau at night. Incroyable!

St. Louis Gate is so lovely lit up at night.

St. Louis Gate, at night.

Pedestrian tunnel through St. Louis Gate at night.

St. Louis Gate is magical at night.

St. Louis Gate and its sweet towers, at night.

Hotel Manoir de l'Esplanade, at night.

Looking down a side street, Rue du Parloir.

Conti, and Chateau Frontenac in the distance.

Chateau Frontenac is always there, in the distance, looking gorgeous.

Maison Jacquet, from 1677!

The lovely red roof of Maison Jacquet.

The red roof of Auberge du Tresor, at Place d'Armes, at night.

Chateau Frontenac, your reward at the end of Rue Saint-Louis.

Adorable tower of Chateau Frontenac.

Three sweet towers on the side of Chateau Frontenac.

Chateau Frontenac is perfection. I adore these three little towers!

Chateau Frontenac at night, facing Monument Samuel De Champlain.

Layers of buildings and steeples.

Chapelle des Ursulines and its gorgeous silver roofs.

Rue Donnacona, a side street, is magical.

Chapelle des Ursulines and its sacred heart logo.

Silver roofs on Chapelle des Ursulines.

Courtyard at l'Ecole des Ursulines, on Rue du Parloir, adjoining Chapelle des Ursulines.

Round tower on Rue du Parloir, a side street.

Marie de l'Incarnation sculpture in the garden at l'Ecole des Ursulines.

Adorable red doors with decorative glass above, and geraniums in pots, on Rue du Parloir.

Rue du Parloir is an enchanting side street.

Yellow car with moustache, in an alley off Rue Saint-Louis.

Red flowers in a flower box.

Saint Louis Gate looks like a castle because it is part of the fortifications of the city.

Rue Saint Louis Is very crowded around dinner time.

The wonderful buildings on Rue Saint Louis.

Chateau Frontenac, from Rue Saint Louis.

Incredible rooftops!

Monument Samuel De Champlain is at the end of Rue Saint Louis.

Place d'Armes is on Rue Saint Louis.

Place d'Armes is a lovely park with a fountain in the middle, on Rue Saint Louis.

Relaxing in the early evening at Place d'Armes on Rue Saint Louis.

Saint Louis Gate, the entrance to Rue Saint Louis.

Rose window of Chapelle des Ursulines.

Lovely white spire behind Chapelle des Ursulines.

Tree and courtyard at Chapelle des Ursulines.

Magical tower at Chapelle des Ursulines.

I love this silver roof and below it, the arched windows at Chapelle des Ursulines.

Rue du Parloir is a beauty. I could stare at it for a long time!

Looking down Rue Saint Louis at dusk.

Japon, on Rue Saint Louis.

Busy street, Rue Saint Louis.

Flags on Rue Saint Louis.

Bagages de France has cute flags lit up at night, on Rue Saint Louis.

Chapel spire in the distance, and flags, on Rue Saint Louis.

Looking down at side street at dusk.

A family makes their way up to the Citadelle, which is on a side street off Rue Saint Louis.

Rooftops at dusk.

The multi-layered look of the rooftops and buildings.

St. Louis Gate leads into Rue St. Louis.

Adorable corner on Rue Donnacona.

Hand sculpture on the corner of Rue Donnacona.

Side street with a view.


Rue Saint-Louis runs from Saint Louis Gate to Chateau Frontenac. 
Aux Ancients Canadiens Restaurant (cute building with red roof), 34 Rue Saint-Louis, Québec City.


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