Rue Sainte-Anne restaurants

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Quebec City
Rue Sainte-Anne restaurants
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Rue Sainte-Anne has many cute cafes with leafy patios. The string of restaurants starts just down the hill from Chateau Frontenac. Here Rue Sainte Anne, with its red-roofed restaurant called 1640 Bistro, beckons you to stroll along. Across from the bistro is Place d'Armes a square full of lovely trees and statues. It gets crowded in this area around dinnertime and hoards of people walk along Rue Sainte-Anne and then the pedestrian-only section just west of it. The pedestrian-only section ends at City Hall Gardens, where there is another cafe with a small, pretty patio, Brasserie Les Mordus. All of these cafes need to be reserved ahead of time. Even if you see empty tables, when you ask for one, you will be told it is reserved. So call ahead!

One place you can possibly get a table without a reservation is Le Chic Shack, which has a patio with an awesome view of Chateau Frontenac. The burgers and fries are greasy, but the salads are delicious! If all else fails and you can't find somewhere to eat (this happened to me) you can always have a Croissant Smith or couscous salad at Cafe La Maison Smith Des Jardins, around the corner from Rue Sainte-Anne. It is like a coffee shop and has some breezy tables across from City Hall Gardens.
On Rue Sainte-Anne there is often a musican playing trumpet and singing like Louis Armstrong. It's a real treat!

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Pedestrian-only section of Rue Sainte-Anne.

Musician playing like Louis Armstrong! Great music!

Chez Jules- you must have reservations to eat at most of these restaurants, except Chic Shack.

1640 Bistro, with its red roof on Rue Sainte-Anne.

Musee du Fort, at the beginning of Rue Sainte-Anne. You can eat inside at Chic Shack, or outside with views of Chateau Frontenac.

View of Chateau Frontenac from Rue Sainte-Anne, during the golden hour.

Looking up at Frontenac Kiosk, from Rue Sainte-Anne.

Views of Musee du Fort and Chateau Frontenac.

Rue du Tresor, which is an enchanting pedestrian alley behind Auberge Du Tresor.

Saint-Creme and its blue door.

Potted plants on the pedestrian section of Rue Sainte-Anne.

Where Rue Sainte-Anne meets Rue des Jardins and City Hall Gardens. The pedestrian section ends here.

Place d'Armes is a leafy square with a fountain in the middle, on Rue Sainte-Anne.

Place d'Armes on Rue Sainte-Anne.

Relaxing in the evening at Place d'Armes on on Rue Sainte-Anne.

Rue Sainte-Anne.

Views of the chateau from Le Chic Shack.

Eating with views of the chateau from Le Chic Shack.

The monument in the middle of Place d'Armes, and the restaurants in the distance.


1640 Bistro is located at 20 Rue Sainte-Anne, Québec City. 
Chez Jules is at the pedestrian-only stretch, at 24 Rue Sainte-Anne, Québec City.


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