Rue de Courchevel cafes, Levis

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Quebec City
Rue de Courchevel cafes, Levis
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Rue de Courchevel is a newly built area with some modern cafes. It's a nice street to walk along after your meal. There are flowers and adorable trees that look like Christmas trees. Many retired people live in the apartments on this street. 

My favorite cafe is Bistro Evolution, with its excellent food and attractive patio. Across the street is a cute bakery with big windows called Les Moulins La Fayette.
Come here after a fun day spent at Aquarium of Quebec, a ten minute drive away.

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Adorable tree like a Christmas tree.

Croissants and baguettes at Les Moulins La Fayette bakery.

Looking out the huge windows at Les Moulins La Fayette.


Bistro Evolution is located at 1190-B Rue de Courchevel, Lévis.
There is plenty of parking along the road.


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