Nobel Athletic Area Walk, University City

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San Diego, CA
Nobel Athletic Area Walk, University City
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Residents of University City love to walk the loop walking path around a large field at Nobel Athletic Area. It's fun in the evening to join them. There is a good vibe here.

There is also a large playground area for kids, with a sand digger, play house, monkey bars, several play structures with climbies, and gazebos with cement picnic tables. 
Exercise stations are situated along the loop walk.
The walking path circle is about 800m long. You can extend it by walking the other loop path to the north, by the basketball court. Or have a pleasant walk down Toscana Dr, Toscana Way, and Renaissance Ave, past tidy four-storey apartment complexes. University City is a bit sterile looking, but attractive, and there are many educated people that are interesting to talk to.
Another lovely walk is to follow Shoreline Drive to the beautiful entrance fountain on the corner of Shoreline Drive and Renaissance Ave. Behind the fountain is a pedestrian path that leads to Renaissance Towne Center, with its pond and romantic clock tower, which looks especially pretty at night. Have a delicious boba yakult (yogurt) tea at Arteazan.
Drive to the ocean to see the waves at Scripps Pier. It is 13 minutes away.

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Views of the clocktower at Renaissance Towne Center, from Nobel Dr.

Nobel Recreation Center, and a bird of paradise flower.

Blue-green glass building in the distance.

The walking path and flowers alongside it.

The walking path and large biomedical buildings.

Many people enjoy the walking path at twilight.

The corner of Shoreline Drive and Renaissance Ave, where a pedestrian path leads to Renaissance Towne Center.

Extending the walk by taking the sidewalk past apartment buildings.

The beautiful entrance fountain on the corner of Shoreline Drive and Renaissance Ave.

Tidy apartment buildings you can walk past, if you extend your walk.

Sidewalk past landscaping.

A large tree.

Pretty apartment complexes.

Pine trees along the sidewalk.

Banana trees and sterile-looking buildings.

Bird of paradise plants along the sidewalk.

Afternoon walk.

Soccer players on the field.

Eucalyptus tree at the park.

Exercise station along the path.

Exercise bars along the path.

Bench along the path.

The playground, with sand scooper, puppet stage, play house, and window and arch to crawl through.

Renaissance Towne Center, which you can walk to.


There is a large parking lot at 7499 Toscana Drive or you can park along the road on Toscana Drive.


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