Renaissance Towne Center, University City

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San Diego, CA
Renaissance Towne Center, University City
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Renaissance Towne Center is a small, pretty shopping plaza in University City, near UC San Diego. Students gather here to have a boba tea at Arteazan, or a coffee at Peet's Coffee. At night it's enchanting because of the clocktower. A landscaped stream that is nice to walk around. There are a few cafes to choose from, such as Amardeen Lebanese or Star Anise Thai. After, take the stairs and walk the beautiful pedestrian path through a housing complex with sculptures and fountains, to the corner of Shoreline Drive and Renaissance Ave, where you can continue your walk along the sidewalk to Nobel Athletic Area. Here you will find a loop path around the athletic field that is popular with residents.
Drive to the ocean to see the waves at Scripps Pier. It is 13 minutes away.

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Peet's Coffee.

Seating outside Peet's Coffee.

The clocktower.

Lush landscaping.

Seating outside Rubio's Coastal Grill.

A bench by the landscaped stream.

The landscaped stream, with pebbles, boulders, and a waterfall.

I love the stream, with the clocktower in the distance.

Boulders, pebbles, and a cafe in the distance.

Inside Amardeen Lebanese restaurant.

Wooden sailing ship decoration in the Thai restaurant.

Inside Arteazan, a nice place to have boba tea.

Apartment complexes nearby, where you can walk.

Walk the sidewalk nearby, after your meal.

Pretty housing complex with fountains. You can get there via the stairs in Renaissance Towne Center.

The clocktower.

Arteazan boba tea.

The tower on a sunny day.

Italian cypress, ornate balustrades, and lampposts on the walk you can do if you take the stairs.

Flowers in the housing complex beside Renaissance Towne Center.

Lampposts and Jacaranda trees you see on your walk.

The clocktower at Renaissance Towne Center, and a purple Jacaranda tree.

Purple blossoms at the outdoor seating of Peet's Coffee.

Looking down on the outdoor seating at Peet's Coffee.

A shady walking path.


Renaissance Towne Center is located at 8915 Towne Centre Dr, San Diego, CA 92122. There is plenty of parking in the free parking lot.


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