Self-Realization Fellowship Garden, Encinitas

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San Diego, CA
Self-Realization Fellowship Garden, Encinitas
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Self-Realization Fellowship Garden is a small garden on high cliffs over the sea in Encinitas, part of an ashram founded by Yogananda. Here you can see flower beds, cactus, and a small landscaped waterfall flowing into a koi pond. The koi fish are fun to watch. You can stand on the edge of the cliff looking at the beautiful ocean. Come on a sunny day for a good experience. Bring a jacket because the wind is cold off the ocean. Driving up to the garden, you see the gold-domed lotus flower roofs on the garden's white wall, and dozens of tall palm trees. Its temple was lost to cliff erosion in 1942, and some of the garden is closed off currently, because of cliff erosion.

There isn't that much to see in the garden so plan on some other activity as well in order to fill out your outing. Moonlight State Beach is a delightful beach nearby. For another lovely garden, with many plants, check out San Diego Botanic Garden, a ten minute drive northeast. 
After, walk from the garden to S. Coast Highway 101 and have something healthy to eat from one of the many restaurants. This is a very cute street! Gelato 101 has a hip garden area and delicious smoothies that aren't too sweet.

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Plants of all different colors, and the sea below.

Desert plant, yellow daisies and the sea.

Silvery plants over the sea.

Yellow daisies and a wave rolling in.

Shady trail.

Koi pond.

Koi pond and ferns- a magical sight!

Looking inland from the garden, past a palm and banana trees.

Bromeliads on a tree trunk.

Waterfall landscaping at the koi pond.

Trail with little boulder.

Agave americana in the distance, and the cafes on the main strip.

You can see the garden from afar, by its golden lotus towers.

Stairs up to the lookouts.

Bright, tropical plants cheer you up.

Flowering desert palms.

Flowers over a blue-green sea.

Purple trailing ice plant is one of my favorites.

Visitors gazing at the sea.

Visitors enjoying the tranquility.

Purple trailing ice plant and a pathway.

Golden lotus towers on the white perimeter wall.

Agave americana and the golden lotus flowers on the perimeter wall of the garden, as seen from Coast Highway 101.


Self-Realization Fellowship Garden is located at 215 W K St, Encinitas, CA 92024. You can park for free along the road on West K Street, and then walk through the garden gates on the corner of K Street and 3rd Street. Entry is free.


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