South Coast Highway 101 Cafes, Encinitas

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San Diego, CA
South Coast Highway 101 Cafes, Encinitas
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South Coast Highway 101, from D Street to K Street, in Encinitas has the cutest cafes and coffee shops! You can stroll for thirteen minutes, or seven blocks, and see so many cool places to try! Many have outdoor seating with colorful umbrellas- bring your jacket though because the air is freezing here near the ocean. One of my favorite spots is Gelato 101 with its hip garden area. In the early afternoon you can catch some sunlight there and warm up. Their smoothies are not overly sweet. They also have boba tea! Better Buzz is a popular coffee shop. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has a patio area. Baked Bear is an ice cream shop that also sells cookies made into ice cream sandwiches. Urbn Coal Fired Pizza, Fish Shop, and Union Kitchen and Tap are some restaurants to try.

The white eucalyptus trees that line the street add to the atmosphere.
After, walk a few blocks toward the ocean on West K Street to Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Garden for lovely clifftop views over the ocean. You can also walk on West D Street and make your way to Moonlight State Beach, a pretty beach. Bring your jacket- it is cold!
For a lovely garden walk, with many plants to see, check out San Diego Botanic Garden, a ten minute drive northeast.

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The entrance to the main strip, from the north.

Gelato 101.

Sitting outside at Gelato 101.

Chairs and nice plants at Gelato 101.

The seating outside at Gelato 101.

Cute decor at Gelato 101.

Spot to sit at Gelato 101.

Outside garden at Gelato 101.

Couch outside at Gelato 101.

View of the lotus flower towers of the Self-Fellowship Garden.

Agave americana in the landscaping on the south end of the main strip.

Self-Realization Fellowship Gift Shop on the south end of the main strip.

Agave americana and blue sky.

Sitting outside taking in the scene.

Surfdog's Java Hut.

Outdoor seating with shade.

Surfer mural outside Encinitas Ale.

Colorful storefronts such as Goodonya.

I love the white eucalyptus trees!

Nice spot to sit outside.

Umbrellas outside Fish Shop.

Union Kitchen and Tap.


The main strip of South Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas runs for seven blocks, from West K Street in the south to a little past West D Street in the north. There is free parking along the street and also on the side streets.


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