Spanish Landing Park, near airport

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San Diego, CA
Spanish Landing Park, near airport
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Spanish Landing Park is right by the airport so it makes for a great place for a walk before you get on your flight. It's actually really handy to stay the night at one of the new hotels across the street, have a lovely morning walk, and then get your flight! 

The air is not very fresh at this park because of the jet fuel. But the winding pathway is lovely. You can see the boats in the marina, the pretty houses on the hill at Point Loma, the sparkling water, and beautiful trees of all sorts catching the light. There are eucalyptus trees with whitest bark, tall California palms in rows, and best of all, golden coral trees (these look amazing in the early morning). Bring a jacket because California is always cold in the morning or evening. This park is definitely best done at those times of day. 
A nice thing about this park is that there are plenty of bike riders, dog walkers, and runners that go by, so you never feel alone.
There is a nice small playground with water views.
The walking path goes for one mile at this park. You can keep going east, for three more miles, all the way to Embarcadero Marina Park South but the path goes through some ugly, shadeless, industrial spots.
If you walk over the pedestrian bridge called Lindsie's Bridge, that runs over the canal, parallel to Harbor Drive, to the west, you get to Liberty Station, a fun place with a Trader Joe's supermarket and enjoyable restaurants. Have a sandwich or pastry at Con Pane Rustic Breads beside the huge windows, a sushi roll at Ikiru Sushi (which you can eat in the garden out front), or a braised beef taco at Stone Brewing in their lovely gardens with koi ponds! 
You can extend your walk by walking Bay Park, across Harbor Drive, then taking Lindie's Pedestrian Bridge to Liberty Station and walking Liberty Station Esplanade for one mile! Here you can see the planes take off directly overhead. 

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The playground.

Shimmering water.

Eucalyptus trees are always a delight.

There are two paths- this narrow one is closest to the water.

The wider path, and a runner on it.

Looking through the eucalyptus trees at the water.

I adore these coral trees!

Wide path through beautiful scenery!

Reflections on the water, and picnic table for viewing it.

Bike rider checking out the boats.

Fish-themed playground.

Coral trees and their amazing shapes.

Coral trees and sky.

Coral trees and rows of benches,

Duck cruising by the harbor.

Sunrise at Spanish Landing Park. Watch it before your flight!

Runner in the early morning.

Rocks in the landscaping at Spanish Landing Park.

Rows of coral trees and red morning light.

California palms.

Views of Point Loma.

Hilly street of Point Loma in the distance.

Cactus by the water.

Flowers by the water.

White and purple puff ball flowers!

Puffy purple and white flowers.

Doves in the tree.

Drought tolerant flowers.

Five-petaled flowers.

Dome with blue tiled roof.

Dark pink roses.

Mosaic yellow and orange bench.

Mosaic bench of greens and blues.

Golden trees along the shore.

Benches by the water.

Flowering aloe.

Bright plants outside the hotels across the street.

View of Spanish Landing Park from Hampton Inn across the street.

Blue water at that park.

Fireworks as seen from Hampton Inn, across the street from the park.

Furry flower!

Cute flowers like a bouquet.

Geese along the path.

Pink flowers in abundance!

Succulent with little white flowers.


Spanish Landing Park is located at 4300 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101. There is a west and east section, and this address is for the west section. There is plenty of pay parking. Parking costs $1 per hour, with four hour maximum.


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