Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park, La Jolla

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San Diego, CA
Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park, La Jolla
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Wedding Bowl in La Jolla is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Here you will find a lawn over a gorgeous cove. Nearby, gently-curved rocky outcroppings make for a fun area to explore. The water below is an amazing clear, blue-green color that you rarely see in Southern California. Sometimes you see this color in Monterey, but Southern California? Only in Laguna Beach. It must be because this part of the coast, in La Jolla, juts out into the ocean, making the water cleaner. It is paradise! It is like being in Hawaii, but with the honeycomb cliffs, California palms, and ice plants. So pleasing to the eye! I could not get enough of this place and I would sit here all day just watching the waves splash into the cove if I had the chance! 

Many people have weddings at this beautiful view. Only one wedding party may reserve the spot each day. 
After, walk north to Children's Pool, where you will see seals happily rolling and swimming in a small cove of clear, sparkling water. You can only watch them from above Dec 15 - May 15, because they are protected while the seal pups are little. 
You can walk the La Jolla Cove Walk, a popular, paved path 1.5km past Children's Pool, gazebos over the sea, daisies, Norfolk pines, Ellen Browning Scripps Park, La Jolla Cove, and cliffs over sea caves, seals, and birds. Here you could have a cup of tea and snack at Parakeet Cafe on Coast Blvd or a meal at Duke's. 
If you want to have a picnic on the lawn at Wedding Bowl or the nearby rocky outcroppings, grab a burrito from Puesto, in Village of La Jolla. The food is delicious though expensive ($22 for a steak burrito in March 2022). Village of La Jolla has many healthy places to eat, such as Parakeet Cafe or Lean & Green La Jolla.
After, take your kids to Birch Aquarium to check out their interesting tanks, and best of all, their outdoor terrace with a touch tank and stunning views over Scripps Pier and the beach below.

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The honeycomb cliffs.

Surfer walking back up the beach.

Riding the wave on a skim board.

Young women sitting in a row at the beach.

The path at the top of the cliffs.

Stairs down to lawn over the water.

California palm over the ocean.

Yellow ice plant and dreamy day.

A couple enjoys the view.

Shady spot to sit on the lawn, while birds fly by in formation.

Purple and yellow flowers on the cliffs over the cove.

Visitors enjoy the large lawn over the water.

A bird flies over the perfect water.

Bench at the edge of the cliffs.

Stone marker with abalone shells.

Abalone shells in the wall.

Purple flowering bush by the sea.

Museum of Contemporary Art, overlooking the ocean in La Jolla.


Wedding Bowl, or Cuvier Park, is located at the corner of Coast Blvd and Cuvier Street, La Jolla. It is slightly below the road so you can't see it well from the road. There is free parking along the road.


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