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Bean Hollow Beach, Pescadero

San Francisco, CA
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Bean Hollow Beach, Pescadero, San Francisco California


At Bean Hollow Beach, waves pound the golden shore, while families picnic and play on the sandy sloped beach. Tide pool explorers climb over the rocks to the pools filled with life. With binoculars you can see a harbor seal rookery in the distance.
This is the only beach in the area that allows dogs, though they must be on leash.
Don't miss out on Pescadero Jetty, just north of here, where you can walk out on the sandstone rock while waves crash around you, and see a delightful cove of large colored pebbles.
If you're hungry grab some warm herb bread at Arcangeli Grocery Company and eat it at the picnic tables in back.



Just south of the road that leads inland to Pescadero, pull off Highway 1 at the sign that says "Bean Hollow State Beach."
The address is 12040 Highway 1 or CA-1.
There is a parking lot, and a self-pay booth (honor system). $10 covers parking for all state beaches for one day. 
Arcangeli Bread Company, 287 Stage Rd, Pescadero CA 94060, call (650) 879-0147.

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