Berkeley Rose Garden

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San Francisco, CA
Berkeley Rose Garden
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Berkeley Rose Garden is a romantic spot. It is in the hills of North Berkeley, not to be confused with the rose garden at UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. The terracing, accented by a curved wooden pergola, makes the garden feel cozy. Roses of all colors cover the hillside. At the top, a lookout offers fantastic views of the bay. A small forest lies to the south of the garden and to the north is a tunnel that leads under the road to Codornices Park across the street. It feels a little spooky in both so don't come alone. The garden is fairly small and gated, like an inner city park.

If you have kids it's super fun for them to run through the tunnel to Codornices Park. Here you will find a bunch of cardboard (which you can use) at the base of an incredible concrete slide. It doesn't look very high but the way it angles down the hill makes for a wild and dangerous ride. I saw many injuries while I was there for less than an hour so it's not 100% advised, but it is a lot of fun!
Codornices Park has lovely forest with a natural spring around it. Trees and lawns abound. There is a playground with very high slides and climbing features (danger seems to be the theme of this park!) and a San Francisco cable car that kids can pretend to drive. There are also basketball courts and restrooms.
After a long play at Codornices Park, drive nearby to Gourmet Ghetto on Shattuck Avenue where you will undoubtedly find some yummy food.

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The wonderful terraces. A young couple enjoys the garden (bottom left).

The perfectly manicured garden!

Spooky forest...

Stairs in the forest.

Cool trees in the forest.

View from the lookout at the top of the garden.

Looking through the tunnel into the rose garden.


Berkeley Rose Garden is located at 1200 Euclid Ave, Berkeley CA 94708.
There is parking along the road. There are no restrooms at the garden but there are some across the street and a little to the north (or through the tunnel), at Codornices Park.
From Hearst Ave (the street that borders UC Berkeley in the north) head north on Euclid Avenue past some nice coffee joints, into the hills. Park along the road once you see the sign for Berkeley Rose Garden and the lookout on your left.


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