Inner Sunset District

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San Francisco, CA
Inner Sunset District
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It's nice to walk around the Inner Sunset District in the afternoon, when the sun is shining brightly on the colored storefronts and little bungalow and stucco houses. It has that classic happy San Francisco feel to it and lots of young people are around having coffees in the cafes. The ocean is nearby enough that you can almost smell it. You can definitely feel its proximity when the afternoon fades away into a thick layer of chilly fog. It's nice to watch the mist literally roll in. California may not have seasons, but it has changes of its own. The heady sunshine, the haunting fog.

There are a few really cool places to eat around here. Crepevine is a delicious counter-service restaurant with savory and sweet crepes. For lunch, when you just need something quick to eat or take with you for a picnic, check out Peasant Pies at 1039 Irving Street. I love this place! It reminds me of meat pie bakeries in Australia! Americans haven't yet discovered the joys of savory pies, especially little handsized ones to have for lunch. They are so much yummier than a sandwich! Peasant Pies has some great flavors to try: Moroccan Lentil, Zucchini Mushroom and Cheese, Tofu Black Bean and Veggie, Basque Beef and Potato, Spinach and Feta. And then there are the handheld dessert pies: Chocolate, Vanilla Flan, Chocolate Cherry and Banana. The best pie is the Spinach pie, which even kids love- little kids even cry when they are out of this one! And the best dessert pie is the Rhubarb- delicious!
On the way here, if taking the N line, stop at Duboce Park or after visiting this district go all the way to Ocean Beach- it's wonderful. Also, Check out Golden Gate Park- it's steps away.

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Pies for two!

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A lady walks along 9th Ave, near Golden Gate Park.

Fashionable lunchgoers on 9th Ave.


To get here from Powell Station, take the N (Judah) line toward Ocean Beach. Get off at 9th Avenue and Irving. It's a really fun, pretty ride!


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