Tilden Park Botanic Garden, Berkeley

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San Francisco, CA
Tilden Park Botanic Garden, Berkeley
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Tilden Park's Botanic Garden is a wondrously beautiful place. Upon walking into it you instantly feel how happy you are to be alive. The garden slopes down before you and you can see a little stream with bridges over it. There are a variety of the most beautiful trees. Kids don't get bored here because there are so many cute pathways and bridges. Toddlers, who always care more about what is up close than the overall scenery, love the little pathways, stone steps, wooden bridges, and peak-a-boo openings formed by branches.

We went to the UCB Botanical Garden as well but it didn't have the same magical feel. Even though it had many of the same plants, the way it was set up was more clinical, with wide concrete paths where vehicles could ride, rather than quaint little walkways. Also, it was more wide open so you didn't feel like you were walking in a forest. If you only have time to see one of these gardens, choose the Tilden Park one! Another perk is that it's free.
I can't believe how incredibly beautiful the trees are in the misty forest above Berkeley! You have to come here!
This botanic garden is a great place to come if you arrive too early (before 11am) for the carousel or train rides. It opens at the early hour of 8:30am every day! Little Farm, a delightful petting zoo amongst nature, also opens at 8:30am.
It's easy to find your way by car to the other attractions in Tilden Park because there are signs everywhere. Lake Anza is a peaceful spot to relax and let your child play in the sand after visiting the attractions.
For a delicious lunch after roaming Tilden Park, head over to Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley.
Dogs are not allowed in the garden.

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Walking through the forest.

Leaves catching the light beside a bridge.

Great bridge and a cabbage plant.

Wonderful trees!

Twisted branches...

Layers of gorgeous plants. Aaah, I love this place!

Stone wall supporting the path.

Bridge and magical Christmassy trees.

Kids love to walk along imaginative pathways like this!

Quaking Aspen trees, and layered shades of green.

Showy Milkweed.

Sweet trees!

I love the misty look at Tilden Park Botanic Garden!

Milk-Maids and other delicate flowers on a bank.

Milk-Maids closeup.

Lovely sloped lawn.

Potted exotic plant for sale.

You can buy potted plants at the botanic garden!

Giant Sequoia grove.

A lush paradise!

A little stream.

Visitors look down from a bridge.

Patch of yellow flowers, cactus, and palm.

Fog wisps by in a blue sky.


The garden is open daily at 8:30am and closes at 5 or 5:30pm depending on the season. It is closed on three holidays: January 1, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas day.
Admission and parking are free.
From Highway 24, exit at Fish Ranch Rd and head north on Fish Ranch Rd. Turn right on Grizzly Peak Blvd. After 3 miles, turn right on Golf Course Rd. After one mile, turn right on Shasta Road. Turn right on Wildcat Canyon Rd. After a short while the parking lot for the garden is on the right. There are restrooms in the parking lot. Cross the street to enter the garden.
Once you're in Tilden Park, it's very easy to find your way by car to all the attractions because there are signs everywhere.


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