Bayshore Bluffs Park walk, Morro Bay

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Bayshore Bluffs Park walk, Morro Bay
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It's blissful to walk from Bayshore Bluffs Park to the Museum of Natural History in Morro Bay, through the Heron Rookery Preserve. Start at Bayshore Bluffs Park where you see sailboats and their reflection in the tranquil estuary. As the sun comes out, the dunes across the water light up. Walk the paved path south through the park, admiring the little twisty trees with purple and white puff ball flowers. Tall trees stretch to the sky. Past the lovely townhouses with big windows on Sandpiper Circle, the path veers left, behind the townhouses and up a hill. There is a white fence on one side and cypress trees on the other. Admire the widowmaker tree in the parking lot for The Inn at Morro Bay. The paved path runs parallel to Main Street, like a sidewalk but further from the road. The road and golf course are on one side, and a long strand of eucalyptus trees on the other.

Soon the breaks off more from the road, becomes dirt and goes through the Heron Rookery Preserve. You can smell the bird poop. There are eucalyptus trees everywhere. You descend a hill, with spectacular views of the bay and a little rocky point. Now you are walking along the water, peering through cypress trees. What a beautiful spot!! There is a parking lot called Morro Bay Water Access. The path continues through cypress trees, up a hill, and up some stairs to the Museum of Natural History. There are stunning views of Morro Rock! A sculpture called "Seasons Come and Seasons Go" of an American Indian man holding a bird up to fly, with the most beautiful view behind it, inspires you! Pop into the museum, which only costs $3 and has stunning views without the cold winds.
You can walk around the perimeter of the Museum of Natural History, admiring the honeycomb-colored rock face beside you. There is a stone wall and benches, where you can look down on the other side of the bay. Joy! Here you can see Bayside Cafe where people rent kayaks. Climb the stone steps through the boulders all the way to the top!! You are King of the Mountain, with the most incredible views of Morro Bay!
You can also walk down a steep path and stairs to Bayside Cafe and extend your walk on the Marina Peninsula Trail (a half-mile loop), or just head back. If you head back, you will have walked one mile total. Come on a sunny day because it is much prettier then- late summer, fall, and early winter is the best time. 
After, have a cup of tea at the spacious outdoor seating at Buttercup Bakery and Cafe on Morro Bay Blvd, a hippie area in Morro Bay town. Or have a beer and sandwich at High Street Deli on 2nd Street in Los Osos, a very cute area.

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Flowers at Bayshore Bluffs Park in February.

The path goes under a tree trunk!

Sparkling water.

Strolling to the bluff's edge.

Sailboat going by.

Eucalyptus trees, blue water, dunes in the distance, and wide open space.

Honey-myrtle is so pretty, with eucalyptus and a blue sky behind.

A bench looking out on the sailboats and Morro Rock.

Sailboats on glassy water.

Sailboats and their reflection.

Widowmaker tree.

The path that runs along Sandpiper Cirle and connects Bayshore Bluffs Park with Main Street.

Eucalyptus along the path.

The Inn at Morro Bay is beside a long strand of eucalyptus trees.

Widowmaker tree and views of the estuary, at The Inn at Morro Bay.

The Inn at Morro Bay has a cute sign.

Hard-packed dirt path along Main Street.

Eucalyptus tree trunk along the path on Main Street.

Heron Rookery Natural Preserve. You can really smell the herons!

The dirt path that leads down past the Heron Rookery.

Muddy beach on the estuary.

Views of Morro Rock from the muddy beach at Fairbank Point.

Path that runs along the muddy beach at Fairbank Point.

A lovely path between cypress trees.

Cypress tree trunk and the mucky beach.

Driftwood, and views of Fairbank Point and Morro Rock.

The path that takes you along the estuary toward the Museum of Natural History.

Looking down the path through the cypress trees.

Stairs to the Museum of Natural History.

Seasons Come and Seasons Go, a bronze sculpture by Mark Greenaway, outside the Museum of Natural History.

Path with views of Morro Rock and cypress trees.

Whale skeleton along the path near the Museum of Natural History.

Views of boulders, cypress trees, and the golf course in the distance, from the path at the Museum of Natural History.

Looking down at the marina, from the path by the Museum of Natural History.

Looking up at boulders, from the path by the Museum of Natural History.

A bench on the path by the Museum of Natural History.

Tranquil views over Marina Peninsula, from the path by the Museum of Natural History.

Mountain and golf course views.

The many colors of a eucalyptus tree!

Benches overlooking birds divebombing in the estuary.

Honey-myrtle trees at Bayshore Bluffs Park.


Park your car along the road at 160 Bayshore Drive and enjoy the walk! There is also a parking lot at 178 Bayshore Drive if you prefer.


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