High School Hill Hike, SLO

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San Luis Obispo, CA
High School Hill Hike, SLO
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High School Hill Hike is a difficult, steep (33%), rocky climb that is 3.5 miles total (out and back). It starts at a pretty eucalyptus grove, crosses a tiny stream, and then follows a gully straight up. It offers gorgeous views, including views of Islay Hill, Righetti Hill, Cerro San Luis, and Bishop Peak. At the top you can see the ocean at Pismo Beach on one side and the 101 Freeway to Atascadero and surrounding hills on the other side.

The first mile of the High School Hill Hike is very steep, and there are loose rocks (bring trekking poles for the downhill portion), plus vegetation that isn't always cleared. Wear hiking shoes so that the ground doesn't feel as sharp, and so that you have traction. The vegetation is grasslands, with flowers such as poppies in spring.
At the top of high school hike, turn right to continue along a ridge. The trail is undulates up and down. There is a C-shaped stone bench at the end point of the hike, not directly visible. To find it, don't turn left at the rusty trail marker- that leads to Reservoir Canyon Hike. Instead, go straight and find a narrow trail uphill to the bench. 
For a four mile, one way hike, you can connect up with the Reservoir Canyon Trail, but you'll need someone to pick you up on the other side of the hill. 
In winter, some hikes in SLO are closed due to mud. Check the trail status on the city of SLO website before you go.
If you want an easier hike that also has views of the morros, try the Islay Hill Hike.

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The stone bench at the end point of the hike, and view of the mountains in the back country.

Cerro San Luis, and the fog that lingers behind it.

A string of morros!

It's fun to see which parts of town are still foggy.

The fog lingers behind Cerro San Luis.

Bishop Peak and downtown.

The mountains are islands in the fog.

Foggy layer just below the mountain tops.

The trail.

Morning glory vine in the neighborhood nearby.

Pretty street nearby.

Norfolk pine and mountain view in the street nearby.

View of many layers of mountains, from the street nearby.

The trailhead plaques are oddly across Lizzie Street from the actual trailhead.

Pink hibiscus on a street nearby.


The trailhead is at the end of Lizzie Street, to the right of the long driveway. There is a short, narrow trail market with arrows on it.
You can park your car along the road at 1608 Lizzie Street.


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