Irish Hills neighborhood and De Vaul Park, SLO

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Irish Hills neighborhood and De Vaul Park, SLO
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De Vaul Park is a cute park with a small playground, large bowl lawn where you can play fetch with your dog when it's not flooded, and pretty views of Irish Hills. Here, across the street, a path leads up into the hills where the fragrance of eucalyptus and wildflowers awaits. There is a giant tree trunk that is exciting to see. Some of the hiking paths are quite steep! Hiking Irish Hills is a lovely way to enjoy another day! Note: For most of winter, the hiking trail is closed because of mud. 

It is also pleasant to walk around the neighborhood on the charming streets such as Devaul Ranch Drive and Eto Circle. There are flowers everywhere and little footpaths that connect the dead ends of streets to the streets behind them. You can walk quite far, over a mile, by taking all these footpaths to connect to each new section of the neighborhood, all the way to the dead end of Royal Way. Come on a windstill day, because there is a wind "from Siberia," as SLO residents call it, that funnels along Devaul Ranch Drive in the afternoons- it comes from the cold Alaska waters that extend down to Morro Bay. The Irish Hills neighborhood is colloquially known as Pill Hills, because many doctors live there (or used to).
After, you can walk under an arch where Devaul Ranch Drive meets Tonini Drive, into the shopping center, and check out Costco, HomeGoods, and Old Navy.
A four minute drive away, check out Madonna Plaza where you can get a European chocolate bar at Cost Plus World Market.

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Playground at De Vaul Park.

Picnic tables at De Vaul Park.

Huge field where people play fetch with their dogs.

Basketball court.

Winding pathways go around the park.

The wind is strong and cold in this part of town which is called "Siberia."

Windblown trees.

Playing with Fido at De Vaul Park.

I love this house!

The neighborhood walk that is also lovely.

A sweet blue house on a leafy street.

Pretty flowers in a shopping plaza.

House with Irish Hills behind.

Berries and fall leaves, in November.

I love the paths between the dead ends of each street.

The historic house on Eto Circle.

Gold flowers and canary palms.

Daisies of a peachy hue.

I love the historic house on Eto Circle.


De Vaul Park is located at 1651 Spooner Dr, SLO CA 93405. The trailhead for Irish Hills is located where Devail Ranch Dr and Madonna Rd intersect.


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