Marina Peninsula Trail, Morro Bay

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Marina Peninsula Trail, Morro Bay
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Marina Peninsula Trail is a gorgeous and easy walk! It is 0.7 miles and flat. It starts as a hard-packed dirt path surrounded by flowers, but soon becomes a narrow boardwalk that is winding and picturesque, over the salt marsh.

The dirt path runs along the estuary opposite the marina. The views are just spectacular, of boats bobbing in the marina, cypress trees on the hills, dunes, and Morro Rock. To everyone's delight, pelicans divebomb for fish right before your eyes! The water is a lovely shade of green. When you look behind you, you see the pointy morros, the volcanic mountains of this area, including Bishop Peak, which has rocky outcroppings that melt your heart. 
There are three benches along the trail, one at the point where it juts out into the water, with views of Morro Rock.
The boardwalk takes you over the salt marsh. Here you see herons looking funny as they stand with their necks tucked in, and little rivers of water in the salt marsh. These wide open spaces in Morro Bay are just glorious, full of nature!
If you'd like to extend your walk with a steep walk, trek up to the Museum of Natural History, and then take the trail that leads past the heron rookery to Bayshore Bluffs Park- see info here: Bayshore Bluffs Park walk. It is one mile total, to go there and back. 
After, head back to Morro Bay town for a cozy meal at Thai Elephant or a coffee at Buttercup Bakery.

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View of the trees and boats in the marina, and the lovely green water.

I like how they made the path serpentine.

The trailhead.

Boats in the marina and tall eucalyptus trees, as seen from the path.

The path is beside the water.

The views of the marina are lovely.

Views of the marina and morros.

Incredible mountains in the distance!

Little waves on the shore, and the peninsula with the Museum of Natural History in the distance.

In these waters, there are leopard sharks, shovelnose guitarfish, harbor seals, loons, ruddy ducks, big skates, brown pelicans, double-crested cormorants, eelgrass, and dungeness crabs.

A golden retriever takes in the sights and smells.

Bayside Cafe, across the water.

Flowers and lovely views.

The wooden boardwalk goes over salt marsh.

Native plants beside the boardwalk, and mountains in the distance.

Wonderful mountains ahead of you.

Sign about coastal sage scrub, riparian willows, estuary, and salt marsh.


Marina Peninsula Trail is located at 6 State Park Rd, Morro Bay. There are a few parking spaces you can pull into on State Park Road, or you can park in the marina parking lot.


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