Morro Strand State Beach

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Morro Strand State Beach
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Morro Strand State Beach is a gorgeous wild beach at the base of Morro Rock. The incredible formations on the rock loom above you as the wild surf swirls below. Crazy surfers brave the freezing cold water and the unpredictable currents. Swarms of birds fly overhead riding the gusts of wind. It's a beautiful scene- nature in all its wildness. It's fun to stand on the promenade above the beach and watch the surfers and waves. 

Because the creek spills into the ocean, you can't walk very far on this southern part of Morro Strand State Beach. The part north of the creek is called Cloisters Beach. It is more secluded, is abundantly sandy, and affords a longer walk along the shore. 
You can walk the amazing Harborwalk from here, along Morro Bay estuary enjoying the sight of sea otters! It takes you into Morro Bay town where you can eat some fresh seafood at a restaurant right on the bay while you watch seals swim by. You can also play a game on the giant chess board or walk a little further along Embarcadero to beautiful ship-themed Tidelands Playground.
The Cloisters Beach Path can be accessed from near Morro Rock if you walk east on Coleman Drive, and then north on Embarcadero. It is not as nice as the Harborwalk though.

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People gather to watch the waves and surfers.

Morro Rock is magnificent.

The scenery is beautiful here at the point.

Light breaks through the thick clouds by late morning and lights up the tip of the rock.

Morro Rock, shrouded in fog, around the corner from the beach.

Sitting on the rocks watching the surfers.

There is a pelican nest at the top!

Pelicans hanging out at the top.

A surfer braves the cold.

Surfer heading in.

Waves crashing on the rocks.

Lifeguard shack with an amazing view.

Muted tones at the shore.

Fire pit to keep you warm.

Birds hanging out on the rocks.


This lifeguard shack has one of the nicest views ever!

Turquoise water.

Sign warning of the dangers of surfing or swimming here.

Sign advising how to save yourself when caught in a rip current- good thing to know!

A young surfer.

Gorgeous rocks.

Amazing rock formations on Morro Rock, above you as you stand at the beach.

The beach, seagulls, parking lot, and Morro Rock.

Gorgeous rock formations where Morro Rock meets the sea.


You can walk to Morro Strand State Beach from Morry Bay town via the Harborwalk.
To drive from Morro Bay town, take Embarcadero north and then turn left on Coleman Dr. There is a large parking lot on your right at the base of Morro Rock.
From Highway 1, head west on Morro Bay Blvd. Turn right on Main Street, and left on Beach Street. Turn right on Embarcadero and then left on Coleman Dr. There is a large parking lot on your right at the base of Morro Rock.


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John S.

Wed, 21 Jul 2010

looks cold, but soooh uncrowded

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