Railroad Bike Path and neighborhood walk, SLO

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Railroad Bike Path and neighborhood walk, SLO
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The Railroad Bike Path has views of the hills all around and yellow flowers in the spring. It is only a short bike path, a little over a mile, but it connects residents with other parks and trails such as the Terrace Hill short hike (views over the whole town) and Sinsheimer Park (gorgeous park with incredible playground and tall trees), which connects with Johnson Park. This is a lovely area. The bike path itself is a little deserted and plain (industrial area), but if you come with a friend you can take it. You can also explore the neighborhood streets around it, a better option.

There is a lovely walk you can do. Park your car at Sinsheimer Park and admire the park, taking the path behind the tennis courts, under rows of eucalyptus trees. Then take Helena Street or Boulevard Del Campo. Turn left on San Carlos Drive. It becomes Bushnell Street. At 2269 Bushnell Street, there is a little footpath to a square between quaint houses. Take Florence Ave, Rachel Street, and then Jennifer Street. Admire the flowers galore in the landscaped gardens on these hilly streets. Cross the Jennifer Street pedestrian bridge and you come to a roundabout with a sculpture of the iron road pioneers. Here you will find some cafes: Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe, Cafe Roma, My Thai, and Bon Temps Creole Cafe. Del Monte Cafe is a little further south. This entire walk is 1.2 miles each way. 
On the south end of the bike path is Orcutt Rd. Here, find some trendy businesses in industrial-style architecture, such as Shindig Cider, El Lugar Wine Tasting, and Bunker Coffee (Nautical Bean), which features local art. It is pleasant to hang out at Bunker Coffee, enjoying a delicious fresh bagel with cream cheese. There is very sunny seating with cactus plantings outside, or inside you are surrounded by plants, colorful paintings, and good music. 
Connect up with the one-mile Righetti Bike Path (halfway completed) in the south to extend your ride.
You can run 6.5 km along the Railroad Bike Path and then up into Terrace Hill Open Space, and back.

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The sign at the end of Bishop Street.

An opening at the western end of San Carlos Drive.

View of Boulevard del Campo from Bishop Street- both are streets near the bike path.

Views of hills, from Bishop St.

The Jennifer Street pedestrian bridge, as seen from Terrace Hill Open Space.

Green hills in spring, in the neighborhood near the bike path.

Cute mountains and California palm.

Lovely African flowers.

White roses in a front yard.

Desert landscaping, silvery hues.

Yellow daisies and a wall.

Hillside by the bike path.

Magenta flowers bobbing in the breeze.

An abundance of spring wildflowers.

A cute house on Bushnell Street near the bike path.

Pink roses in the neighborhood near the bike path.

The neighborhood walk that is lovely.

You can run 6.5 km along the Railroad Bike Path and then up into Terrace Hill Open Space, and back.

Railroad Bike Path is shady in spots.

It's industrial next to the bike path.

There are industrial buildings along the path.


The Railroad bike path begins in the north at George Street. There is an opening at the dead end of Bishop Street, at the western end of San Carlos Drive, and at the end of Boulevard Del Campo. The bike path ends at Orcutt Rd in the south.


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Wed, 02 May 2018

Love it.... but trash cans are full (as of 5/1) & blowing around. Up the frequency of service!


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