Reservoir Canyon Loop Hike, SLO

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Reservoir Canyon Loop Hike, SLO
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The Reservoir Canyon Loop Trail is a strenuous 5.5 mile hike with views of the back country, and then views of SLO town at the top! It also has a waterfall in winter or spring after rains.

If you take the hike clockwise, it leads along a creek, under oak trees. A trail with switchbacks leads up the hill. Soon you are in grasslands with remnants of an old homestead and a strange tee pee. You have lovely views of the golden hills of the back country. At the top of the hill you can go left to take a tiny detour on an uphill, narrow path to a C-shaped stone bench. Rest a while!
Then continue along the ridge. Keep going straight- don't take the High School Hill Hike. The trail zig zags back down to where you started, and near the bottom is a tall waterfall, which flows after rains in winter or spring.
If you want go all the way over the hill on a four mile one-way hike, you can combine this hike with the High School Hill Hike, but you will need someone to pick you up on the other side of the hill.
The drive to the Reservoir Canyon Trail is part of the fun. You drive inland from SLO into the countryside, past ranch houses and farms! It is very pretty.

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The stone bench that is a tiny detour from the trail when you reach the top.

Views of the back country.

Golden grasses.

A weird tee pee.

Looking inland.

The beginning of the Reservoir Canyon Trail, under oak trees.

Reservoir Canyon Trail and its creek.

Reservoir Canyon Trail and the creek, in autumn.

The drive to the trail takes you through countryside.

The pretty views as you drive to the trail on Reservoir Canyon Road.

The views you see from Reservoir Canyon Road as you drive to the trail.

The trail begins at this gate, if you want to walk clockwise on the loop.


The trailhead starts at a shady parking lot under oak trees, at the dead end of Reservoir Canyon Road.


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