San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

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San Luis Obispo, CA
San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden
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San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden is a small garden in El Chorro Regional Park, a dry inland area between the town of SLO and the town of Morro Bay. It is a work in progress. Currently there is an attractive entrance area with strung lights, a poppy fountain, and colorful painted fence in the children's garden. There are some nice trees, such as a fig tree, Hungarian oak tree, and mayten trees (like willow trees) from the Andes foothills. There are plants from similarly dry regions like South Africa and Australia, including Sunset Gold breath of heaven and blue hibiscus. A little bridge leads to the children's garden which has tree stump stepping stones and miniature fairy items to play with, 

If you become a member, you can enter many botanical gardens in California for free, which is worth it if you love gardens and plan to travel long distances. 
There is a 1.4 mile loop Discovery Trail with good views of Bishop Peak. It reaches 17% grade steepness on the way back down. It is a hard-packed dirt trail through dry grassland- come early or late in the day since there is no shade. 
The Christmas Lights display is fun with lanterns, hot chocolate, and live music. 
Dogs are allowed if on a leash. 
After, your kids can play on the large playground in El Chorro Regional Park. It has a tire swing, baby swings, regular swings, tic tac toe, a twisty slide, monkey bars, and a cable.

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Hungarian oak tree leaves in autumn.

Hungarian oak tree with its bright green leaves.

Leaves catching the light.

Sunset Gold breath of heaven adds color to dry areas all year long.

Blue hibiscus for sale.

Erica verticillata, a shrub from South Africa, for sale.

Path through the garden, with lanterns for the Christmas lights.


Fairy toys for kids to play with.

Bridge leading to the children's garden.

Stick structure in the children's garden.

Tree trunk stepping stones in the children's garden.

A little wooden toy house that says Municipalidad de Quinloa.

Eyes poking out of a bush!

Lanterns for the Christmas Lights.

Hop scotch.

Poppy fountain.

Painted fence.

The attractive entrance.

Poppy fountain.

Children's playground in El Chorro Regional Park.

Fire safe garden sign.

Spiky plants and view of the playground.

Upside down bottles on a hillside.

Tree with pale green leaves.

Lanterns for the Christmas lights event.

Shady garden path.

Fig tree.

Shady path past mayten tree.

Mayten tree, from the Andes foothills.

Mayten tree, adding some green to the garden.

Sparkle lights for the Christmas lights event.


Admission is $10 per person, $8 for students, military, and seniors, and free for children aged 12 and under. 
Sometimes there is a fee to enter El Chorro Regional Park, though this has been waived recently.


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