Stadium Park Hike, Atascadero

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Stadium Park Hike, Atascadero
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Stadium Park Hike is a two-mile shady loop hike with twisty oak trees and spring flowers, and sweeping views of the town of Atascadero and surrounding hills. It is wonderful to have shade most of the time. In spring there are occasional yellow, pink, and purple wildflowers along the path, plus planted native flowers at the end of the loop- this section is called Bill Shepard Native Plant Garden. You might see yellow gopher snakes with triangle designs in summer, and squirrels chasing each other. At the top, there are sweeping views of the surrounding hills and Atascadero town with its regal city hall building. If you come in summer or early autumn, come very early in the morning to beat the heat.

To follow the entire loop, start the hike by walking under the cement overpass of Highway 41, and take the right fork every time. This is a moderate hike, reaching 22% grade. It is narrow dirt path.
After, have a cup of tea at Bramble Pie Company in Atascadero town, sitting at their pleasant outdoor tables. Bring a small seasonal pie home!
Another hike in Atascadero is the Jim Green Trail, but I like the Stadium Park Hike much better because of the views and also no sewer smell.

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Stadium Park Trailhead is located at 5630 Capistrano Ave, Atascadero CA. There is a sloped dirt parking lot where you can park in the shade of a huge tree. You begin the hike by walking under the overpass.


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