Whale Rock Reservoir Hike, Cayucos

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Whale Rock Reservoir Hike, Cayucos
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Whale Rock Reservoir Hike is a moderately easy and beautiful 4-mile (out and back) hike slightly above the lake. The lake is less than a mile from the ocean so it isn't as dry or hot as other lake hikes. Around each turn are beautiful views of the lake below and the hillsides ahead. In spring there are gorgeous flowers- sweet peas everywhere, with their gradient of white to pink! There are also purple, orange, and yellow flowers galore. People like to come early in the morning to go fishing along the banks of the reservoir, and at sunset. Not many people walk the trail, surprisingly.

The hike is slightly hilly but doesn't go steeper than an 8% grade.
After, have a coffee at Bijou Bakery, in a historic yellow building near the pier in Cayucos. There is no seating inside, but you can sit in their wedding area under the shade of a huge historic pavilion. It's quite cold so bring a thick jacket. You almost need a blanket!

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Whale Rock Reservoir Trailhead is located at 1151 Old Creek Road, Cayucos. There is a sloped, dirt parking lot up against a wire fence. There is an honor system fee box ($2 per person), but it's unclear whether that is for fishing or hiking.


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