Blueberry Farm, Buellton

Santa Barbara, CA

Restoration Oaks Ranch, or Santa Barbara Blueberries, is a blueberry farm off of Highway 101 on the way from Santa Barbara to Solvang. It makes for a wonderful visit! You walk along a road past goats and rolling hills covered in oaks until you come to the blueberry bushes planted in rows. Here you can fill a metal bucket with 36oz of blueberries (for $20- less if you don't fill the whole bucket. Also, buckets of family members can be combined into one). Kids really love this! They have a taste and marvel at how much yummier the blueberries are straight off the bush than in the store. There is no comparison! It takes about an hour.
At the end, you pay at the little booth in the front. You can buy chilled water to drink at a picnic table in the shade or on a bench made of logs. Combined with lunch in Solvang, it makes for a perfect morning! May is when the blueberries are the plumpest, but you can pick all the way until mid-August. Wear a hat because the sun is bright! It's good to know that the blueberries are not sprayed.
For other nice farms to visit, check out Quiksilver Ranch in Solvang or Ostrichland in Buellton.

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A shady spot to sit, at the front booth.

Cute bench for photos of your little berry pickers.

The sign in the front booth.

A bucolic scene...

Huge, fallen tree.

Rows upon rows of blueberry bushes, under netting, with oak-covered hills behind.

Under the netting, picking blueberries!

Blueberries galore!

A little girl dressed in blue picking blueberries.

The sweet hills in the distance.

Huge bowl of blueberries, ready to be made into pie!

Blueberry pie, almost ready to be baked.

Blueberry pie!

Little bumps where the blueberries are in the pie!

The inside of the blueberry pie!

Restoration Oaks Ranch, also called Santa Barbara Blueberries, is located at 1980 Highway 101, Gaviota, CA 93117.
Open 10am-6pm, from May until mid-August. Call (805) 686-5718 to be sure.
When traveling on Highway 101 north from Santa Barbara, you will pass the Gaviota rest stop (you have 5 miles to go), go through a tunnel and then over a huge hill. After that you will see a sign saying "Blueberries Ahead." Soon after that you will come to Restoration Oaks Ranch on the right. Pull off, enter their gate, and park in the parking lot. Have fun!


2011-04-28 08:34:00

I was so excited to see these pics. My husband and I took a 2 week RV trip to CA last year and stumbled on this blueberry farm. It was such a fun time and the BEST blueberries ever. I had forgotten where this was and am so happy I now know. We are planning a trip to Emma Woods soon and will be sure to add this to our stop. Thanks again for posting these great pics!!)


2010-06-18 06:17:00

I was with my friend returning home to L.A. from two days of visiting quilt stores during the Central Valley Quilt Run and we were tired and hoping just to buy some boxes of blueberries but all they had available was to pick our own. We were exhausted but once we started picking, it was so much fun. We filled our buckets and probably put more in our mouth than we should have but they were so sweet and down right delicious.
It was so much fun that I'm taking my two grandchildren there next week for some berry picking. They'll enjoy these delectable, organic berries.)


2010-04-27 17:49:00

Yay! This weekend is May! We can't wait to get your wonderful blueberries!)


2009-10-09 20:57:00

Berry picking is a fun family event that will give your children good memories. I like to see all the happy, excited faces. This beautiful place could easily be missed if not for the "Blueberries" sign placed in a strategic location on Highway 101. It's actually a good deal to pick the blueberries yourself- you will save money and have a good time. )

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