Cabrillo Bike Path and Skater's Point

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Santa Barbara, CA
Cabrillo Bike Path and Skater's Point
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Cabrillo Bike Path is really just a section of the boardwalk and bike path that runs for three miles from Leadbetter Beach all the way to the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, near Montecito. This particular section of the path, across from Chase Palm Park, is especially pretty because of the tall rows of palms, the views of the sea beside you, the cliffs curving along the beach ahead of you, and the bright beach succulents that bloom like mad in yellows and purples in spring. It's a wonderful place to walk, bike, or rollerblade. Tourists like to rent the surries at Lower State Street and ride along here- it looks like lots of fun!

Skater's Point is a gorgeous 14,000 ft skate park under hundreds of palm trees with views of the ocean. It is right beside the bike path just east of the pier. Entrance is free. Younger skaters are encouraged to come on Saturdays before noon.
The big resort hotels are across Cabrillo Blvd, and they are nice to stroll around. I like to walk the Cabrillo Boulevard Walk past lovely hibiscus and tropical flowers.
On Sundays, the Waterfront Arts and Crafts show is very popular along this stretch of Cabrillo Blvd. You can buy framed photographs, sculptures, beaded jewelry, and paintings. Or you can people-watch in this crowded spot. On Sunday afternoons some funky types gather for a drum circle on the grass across from Chase Palm Park and play until after dark.
The beach east of the pier is a pretty spot to go at sunset. The banks of sand that the tide forms are fun for kids to jump and roll in while you watch the golden sky and cuddle your spouse. Unfortunately this area has become a major area for homeless people to live, with mattresses and huge collections of belongings scattered all along the beach.
There are a few restroom pavilions along the bike path.

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The bike path is right by the sand!

It's so beautiful around Cabrillo Bike Path!

The view as you ride happily along!

Palms, in a perfect row.

The glorious bike path!

Springtime, brightly-colored plants line the bike path.

Springtime at the Cabrillo Bike Path.

A building that looks like a lighthouse.

1,200 Mexican fan palms were planted along the Cabrillo bike path.

I love the green lawns!

Glimpses of the sand and sea from Skater's Point.

Palm tree shadows at Skater's Point.

Doing tricks at Skater's Point.

View of mountains if you look across the road!

The amazing palm trees next to the bike path.

Skater's Point and the mountains behind it.

View of the pier.

Skateboarding along the path.


Skater's Point is located at Cabrillo Blvd and Garden St, Santa Barbara 93101.
From Highway 101, exit at Garden Street. Turn towards the ocean. Park for $2 an hour in the parking on your right before you get to Cabrillo Blvd. Or park for the same price in the lot that is straight ahead of you as you come to the end of Garden Street. Or turn left and park for free along Cabrillo Blvd. It can be too crowded to find free parking along the road on the weekend but during the week it is easy.


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Wed, 24 Nov 2010

The view is really pretty and everyone was very friendly. There are artists lined all the way up and down the sidewalk and they made such original work. Prces were reasonable as well! We did a lot of our holiday shopping here. We bought ice cream at the store all the way down the wharf and watched the wildlife- seagulls, pelicans, sealions. It was a really wonderful day. After walking the pier several times we walked the bike path and the beach and watched the skateboarders too.

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Adam Crowe

Wed, 02 Apr 2008


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Thu, 16 Sep 2010

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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Thu, 15 Oct 2009

Lovely sightseeing, excellent restaurants and good people watching. Walking the boardwalk is always a visual feast!

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Thu, 01 Oct 2009

I'd love to go to this! My little sister can't stop talking about it.

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Fri, 06 Nov 2009

I miss California trees.

star star star star star

Liz from England

Fri, 06 Nov 2009

Hired a surrey and had a lovely time

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