Coast Route Bike Path

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Santa Barbara, CA
Coast Route Bike Path
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From Modoc Rd in Hope Ranch, you can bike alongside a bubbling creek, surrounded by tall trees, past Goleta Beach Park and through the campus of UCSB, all the way to Isla Vista, a college party town. For a very small segment you ride on regular streets through a quiet neighborhood, but most of the way you have a two-way bike path, where you can ride amongst nature not traffic. The path is popular with locals, and you will be joined by professional bikers, whole families on their bikes, pedestrians, and even horses!

One truth that I discovered the hard way: the bike path slopes down slightly when westbound from Modoc Rd. Don't go farther than you should thinking what an easy ride it is and how fit you are!!
In the Modoc Rd area near Hope Ranch you will bike past equestrian trails and hills covered in strands of eucalptus. It feels like you are in the countryside. Watch out for the horse poop on the path! When the path reaches Goleta Beach where it heads uphill to UCSB you will enjoy gorgeous views over the ocean and the curve of Goleta Beach.
There are restrooms at Goleta Beach and UCSB.
You can stop and buy a snack on campus (at Campus Center or Coral Tree Cafe) or in the cute town of Isla Vista. Try Isla Vista Food Co-op for health food snacks that you can buy and then eat on a little table out front.
For a map of the route (the blue solid line), click here.
Heading north from the Coast Route near Patterson Ave is the Maria Ignacio Route. It's a convenient bike path for those who live in the residential neighborhoods north of the freeway. It passes under the freeway, which feels a little freaky. Most of the bike path is lovely though, shaded by plenty of trees.

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From the Modoc Rd end of the bike path, you can see horses trotting along the equestrian paths that wind around Hope Ranch.

The same spot in winter, when it's very green.

A bicyclist enjoys a sunny ride on the bike path near Modoc Rd.

Winter rains make the grass bright green.

Beginning of the bike path, at Modoc Rd.

View of Santa Barbara's gorgeous mountains, from the bike path near Modoc Rd.

The bike path, as it passes Goleta Beach.

Taking a break from bikeriding to enjoy Goleta Beach!

The bike path as it continues past Goleta Beach up to UCSB- stunning ocean views!

The pretty oceanfront scenery around the bike path on Lagoon Rd at UCSB.

Along Lagoon Rd on the UCSB campus, the bike path continues- fabulous!

The bike path near Walnut Lane, where there is an entry point.

The Maria Ignacio Route Bike Path leads from neighborhoods north of the freeway to the Coast Route Bike Path.

The Maria Ignacio Route Bike Path leads from neighborhoods north of the freeway to the Coast Route Bike Path.

Pretty scene on the Maria Ignacio Route.

Where the bike path goes through a pretty neighborhood, by Nogal Street.

Night sky on the bike path.

The coast route bike path goes through UCSB.

Flowers along the path.

Roses along the path.

Yellow roses!

The winding path, at Nueces Drive (the photo is out of focus on purpose haha!).

Poppies in April!

Poppies along that path.

Colorful sights along the path, on Nueces Drive.

The start of the path on Modoc Rd.

Where the path begins on Modoc Rd.

Pink poppies in May!

Pink poppies!

Here the path is called Obern Trail, near Modoc Rd.

Field and hill, near Modoc Rd.

The path winds around, near Nogal Dr.

Purple bougainvillea.

Wildflowers along the creek.

The path has some shade.

Lantana in fiery orange.


The start of the east end of the path is located at Modoc Rd and Encore Dr, Santa Barbara CA 93110. Exit Highway 101 southbound at "154- State St." Make a sharp right turn at the exit. Follow State Street under the train tracks and turn left on Modoc Rd. Turn left on Encore Drive and park along the road. The bike path is across Modoc Rd.
To get to Modoc Rd from Highway 101 northbound, exit at "154- State St." Turn left at the exit and follow State St under the train tracks. Turn left on Modoc Rd, and left on Encore Drive. Park along the road. The bike path is across Modoc Rd.
Or you can begin midway along the path at Goleta Beach Park. From Highway 101 northbound, take the 217 Freeway. Exit at Sandspit Rd, and turn left. Follow the road around a large bend and then turn right into the Goleta Beach Park parking lot. To head east on the bike path toward Santa Barbara, bike out of the parking lot where you came in and you will see the bike path on your right. Or to head west, get on the bike path near the west end of the parking lot and you will head up to UCSB's campus for stunning ocean views and a short bike ride through campus to the college party town of Isla Vista.
To start on the west end of the bike path, exit Highway 101 at Storke Rd. Turn toward the ocean. At the end, turn left on El Colegio Rd. Turn right on Camino Corto and park along the road. The bike path is across El Colegio Rd.
Isla Vista Co-op, 6575 Seville Road, Isla Vista, call (805) 968-1401.


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Thu, 01 Oct 2009

miss being able to go anywhere on a bike- love Santa Barbara

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Sun, 20 Sep 2009

This was a great and peaceful bike ride. There are some horse owners that board their horses in the stable by Nogal Rd and you might meet them on the path but everyone is considerate to each other. Wonderful trees, creek, and beautiful pictures at the beach at the end!

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Fri, 28 May 2010

Nice pic - good old fun with the cycling group

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Fri, 27 Aug 2010

My wife (Kris) and I did a few miles on the trail yesterday. The portion of the trail we rode paralleled and crossed Atascadero Creek. We saw lots of birds which was great! The sections of trail we rode were fairly level. Nice! We\'re not hard-core bicylists, so this was perfect. Great trail! Lots of fun!

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Fri, 06 Nov 2009

I recently voted for all the bike trails of santa barbara to be on google maps

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