Crushcakes cottage, Goleta

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Santa Barbara, CA
Crushcakes cottage, Goleta
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The Goleta location of Crushcakes Bakery is located in an adorable historic Craftsman cottage. In the back is a patio with umbrellas, and more cuteness- a lime tree! Inside is a lovely white fireplace and huge windows. It's pleasant to just sip your tea by the corner window and look out the window daydreaming. Besides cupcakes and baked goods, they also have good salads. 

For a toy store nearby, check out Bennett's Toys & Educational Materials. They have a train set your kids can play with while you look at their toy and book selection. It is a fourteen minute walk east on Hollister Ave. 
Nearby, check out Lane Farms produce stand, Saint Raphael Church where you can light a candle under sweet sculptures (it is a short 4 minute walk away), and Rhoads Park, in a pleasant 1950s neighborhood where you can go for a long walk.
More Mesa, a lonely walk on the cliffs, and Goleta Beach, a beach with tall palm trees and a playground with an ocean view, are nearby.

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Flowers and yellow eucalyptus in the parking lot across the street.

Cookie, scones, and cupcakes.

Inside the cottage!

The white fireplace.

Crushcakes is in a cute cottage with a huge corner window where you can daydream.


Crushcakes Bakery is located at 5392 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93111. There is parking around the little cottage. If the parking is full, you can park for free in the pretty parking lot across Hollister Ave.
Open daily 8-4.


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