Escondido Park

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Santa Barbara, CA
Escondido Park
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Escondido Park is just a small neighborhood park but it's unusually pretty. Eucalyptus trees tower to the sky and the well-kept basketball court has the greenest, loveliest setting I've ever seen for basketball! There are delightful views of mountains and valley. A short trail takes you around the park. The playground and swings are designed for babies and toddlers.

Escondido Park is in the area of Santa Barbara called The Mesa. A good place to buy a picnic is the amazing deli at upscale Lazy Acres Market.
Afterwards go for a walk from La Mesa Park to the Mesa Lane Steps.

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The great views from picnic tables at the top of Escondido Park.

Eucalyptus trees at Escondido Park.

The peaceful trail at Escondido Park.

The toddler playground and swings at Escondido Park.


Escondido Park is located at 1306 Flora Vista Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93109.
Exit Highway 101 at Las Positas Rd and head south on Las Positas Rd (turn right if you were on the 101 southbound, turn left if you were on the 101 northbound). At the end, turn left on Cliff Drive. Turn left on Flora Vista Drive and follow it until you see Escondido Park on your right. Park you car along the road.
Lazy Acres Market, 302 Meigs Road, call (805) 564-4410.


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Sun, 20 Sep 2009

This is a good place for Moms of young children to meet, I meet my PEP group here once a week. It's a contained area, makes it easy to talk while your kids play, the structure is the right size for little ones!

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