Jelly Bowl Beach, Carpinteria

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Jelly Bowl Beach, Carpinteria
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Jelly Bowl Beach is a secluded beach in Carpinteria, just west of the Venoco pier. Here birds run happily along the shore while a surfer or two catch a mellow wave in to shore. Bluff trails take you along the edge of the cliffs or into the sun-dappled forest behind the beach. There are many shapes and contours to the land (and sand) here that make it visually interesting. Tarry rock formations rise up beside the yellow cliffs. A lone cypress stands precariously on the edge. Wooden stairs lead down to the sand, where little boulders are stuck in huge clumps of tar. The stream that joins the sea makes wavy patterns in the sand. You could find a fisherman's trap or a shell with perfect edges lying on the shore. The Venoco pier frames the beach on the east end.

The RV campsite for Carpinteria State Beach is to the west of Jelly Bowl Beach. There is a picnic table on the grass above the sea. A quiet neighborhood with lots of flowers and amazing mountain views is to the north of the beach, across the railroad tracks. Overall, this is a lovely, pristine area where a romantic stroll with your lover is in order! Bring a jacket because the sea air is cold. Be prepared with mineral/baby oil and terry towels in your car in case you get tar on your shoes.
If you walk east along the bluffs past the Venoco parking lot you will come to the seal rookery lookout where you can look down on baby seals playing at the edge of the water in the spring.
After your romantic walk, have a warm cup of tea in Carpinteria town.

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A mom with a newborn in a stroller looks out at the oil rigs and the horizon from the bluffs at the end of Calle Ocho.

A log bench to sit and take in the view, plus wooden stairs leading down to the sand.

Two guys surfing on a beautiful day at Jelly Bowl Beach.

Helicopter, squirrel, and picnic bench right next to the RV camping at Carpinteria State Beach.

Calle Ocho home with an awesome deck and the stunning mountains behind.

Trail along the bluffs.

Catching some rides.

Sun-dappled forest on the bluffs behind Jelly Bowl Beach.

Tarry rock formations.

Fishing trap amongst the foam. Venoco pier is in the background.

Distinctive lone cypress at Jelly Bowl Beach.

The crashing surf adds to the romantic ambience.

A perfect shell on the beach.

Venoco pier, surfer paddling out, cypress tree on the bluffs.

The rocks make for a bit of a hair-raising surf.

Rocks stuck in a huge clump of tar.

Wooden stairs that lead down to Jelly Bowl Beach. What a beautiful blue sky!

The interesting shapes and contours of the landscape at Jelly Bowl Beach.


Jelly Bowl Beach is located at the ocean end of Calle Ocho, Carpinteria CA 93013.
Exit Highway 101 northbound at Bailard Ave. Turn toward the ocean on Bailard Ave and then right on Carpinteria Ave. Take the first left, Concha Loma Dr. Then take the second left, Calle Ocho. At the end of the road, park along the road. Walk carefully across the train tracks to the bluff-top trails and stairs to the beach.
Exit Highway 101 southbound at Casitas Pass Rd. Turn toward the ocean (right) on Casitas Pass Rd. Turn left on Carpinteria Ave. Take the first right, on Arbol Verde St. Take the first right on Concha Loma Rd. Then take the first left on Calle Ocho. At the end of the road, park along the road. Walk carefully across the train tracks to the bluff-top trails and stairs to the beach.


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