Jesusita Trail

Santa Barbara, CA
Jesusita Trail

The Jesusita Trail is popular right now (2018) because most of the trails in Santa Barbara and Montecito are closed because of the fires and mudslides. Come prepared to see many people and dogs. 
This trail is easy and kids will enjoy it. Right from the very beginning there are great views of the mountains, foothills, and even a slight ocean view. There is shade some of the time, pretty greenery, and a clear stream. You have to cross the stream but it's not too hard- you might have to hold hands with your kids to help them across.
At the trailhead, take the right turn to go uphill (recommended) and the left turn to go down one mile to Steven's Park, where you will find a playground (this involves a difficult stream crossing). 
At one point on the uphill trail there's a wide open spot that is lovely with the mountains in the distance. 
After 45 minutes there is a very steep section (you can skip this and turn back if you like) that leads to a drinking fountain on someone's ranch!
It's kind of hair-raising on this hike because of all the dogs, and one of them went into attack mode at me and my daughter, which was not fun.
A nice thing to do nearby is get a gelato at Via Maestra or a chocolate croissant at Renaud's, both in beautiful Loreto Plaza.

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Mountain views from the parking along the street.

Cute views of the foothills.

White rockface and trees.

A hiker walks past a cool rock.

Boulders along the path.

Partial shade on the path.

The wide open area.

Looking up at boulders and trees.

The stream is clear.

A road and some landscaping near the trail.

The trailhead is located at 1251 San Roque Rd in Santa Barbara. Exit Highway 101 at Las Positas Rd and head toward the mountains. Continue two miles until you reach the water treatment facility. Park your car across the street in the spaces.

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