Kidsworld Castle Playground

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Santa Barbara, CA
Kidsworld Castle Playground
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Kidsworld, a wooden castle playground on the east side of Alameda Park, has everything a kid could want! In fact, when the city designed Kidsworld, they asked kids from schools to imagine and draw what they would want a playground to have. Then they followed the childrens' advice! There's a huge whale and shark to sit on, high wooden bridges to run across, cubbies to hide in, and towers where little girls can be rapunzel! Parents should climb to the top of the castle too because there is a gorgeous view of the palm oasis from up there.

At Kidsworld, there are plenty of slides, monkey bars galore (six-year-olds will LOVE this!), a cable slider, tarzan ropes, a bridge made of tires, and tight ropes. There's a monkeybar route with three sections of bars in a row! Very fun for monkeys, I mean, kids. Look at the finer details, and you will find a maze to run a marble through (bring a marble with you!), little paintings of Santa Barbara on the tiles, shells and starfish hidden in the cement wall, and smaller swings and lower monkey bars in the toddler section.
The only bad thing about Kidsworld is that your child can get lost in the mazes where you won't even fit through. One way around this is to stand at the top of the castle where you can get a fairly good view of most of the playground. There is now a fence around Kidsworld so as long as everyone closes the gates, it is a little safer if you have a toddler that runs off. The toddler section is fenced separately from the big kid section.
Don't forget to enjoy the lawn to the south of the playground and to walk through the beautiful palm oasis, planted by the Men's Gardening Club of Santa Barbara. There are some wonderful pine trees and palms from all over the world, and the tallest Eucalyptus trees.
Don't miss out on the the koi, turtles, and waterlilies in the pond across Micheltorena Street at Alice Keck Park! Alice Keck Park is full of gorgeous flowers and flowering trees. Also, go for a walk across Santa Barbara Street to the west side of Alameda Park and enjoy the tall palms and pines and lush grass.
Kidsworld is closed during November every year so that the woodchips can be replaced.
If you're hungry, the closest place to grab something to eat is Crushcakes, a five minute walk away at 1315 Anacapa St, which has a cute interior.

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Kidsworld castle!

Shadow of a palm on the sumptuous lawn!

The friendly whale- nice to climb on.

The shark.

Strolling through the palm oasis...created by the Men's Garden Club of Santa Barbara.

The gardens that surround Kidsworld are lovely.

Pines, palms- so tall you wouldn't believe it- every wonderful type of tree you could imagine you can find at Kidsworld!

A shady lawn by the banana trees...

A colorful, happy place!

The huge lawn at Kidsworld has plenty of wonderful spots to sit with a big picnic blanket.

Go for a stroll on E. Sola Street, east of Kidsworld and see the attractive Spanish-style fire station with big wooden doors.

See the very tall palm behind the eucalyptus to fathom just how tall this eucalyptus is!

Chimes to play!

Tiled wall in the toddler area.

Monkey bar coarse that kids love!

Kids love to run along the upper level of the castle.

It's like being in a tree house!

The swings and the amazing tree.

I love this huge, old tree!

Beautiful tree roots in the park where Kidworld is located.

Kidsworld, as seen from the large park that surrounds it.

Crushcakes is nearby.

The back patio at Crushcakes, nearby.

Gate around the playground.

Canary palm and the playground.

Amazing tree and castle tower.

Having a blast on the yellow tire swing!

Fun spot for kids to do quiet play.

Finger maze.

A favorite spot to climb.

The tires you can climb up.

Two red ropes to swing down.

Yellow tire swing and green foliage behind.

Yellow twisty tunnel slide.

The playground with its towers, and plenty of diverse trees.


Kidsworld is located at 1400 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
Exit Highway 101 southbound at Mission St. Turn left on Mission St and then right on Castillo St. Turn left five blocks down, at Micheltorena Street. Follow it until it crosses Santa Barbara Street, and then park along the road. Kidsworld is on the right!
From Highway 101 northbound, exit at Arrellaga St. Turn right on Castillo St. Turn left immediately on Micheltorena Street. Follow it until it crosses Santa Barbara Street, and then park along the road. Kidsworld is on the right! Alice Keck Park is on the left. The west side of Alameda Park is just before Santa Barbara Street.
There are restrooms at Kidsworld.


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Sat, 27 Feb 2010

ii love this place!! whooo!!

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Fri, 29 Jan 2010

omg its so wonderful :-)

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Fri, 01 Jul 2011

My kids had so much fun- we just went yesterday. I LOVE that the huge magnolia tree shades almost the entire playground. That made it nice and cool and no need for sunblock.

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